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Yutani wearing the original outfit.

Yutani wearing the Gadget Outfit.

Cost Yutani UFO.png 500
Edition Standard
Limited? No
Release Date 24 May 2012
Yutani watch2.png Gadget Outfit
Yutani UFO.png 250

"Tech genius and the gang's Q. Science is her obsession. Wildly imaginative and loves trying to create contraptions that have never been done. Personally, she believes she may not be of this earth - a theory her friends amusingly find completely plausible."

Source: Subway Surfers Official Website

Yutani is a character that can be unlocked by collecting Yutani UFO.png 500 (Yutani's UFOs). It's said that Yutani is the hardest character to get, as she requires the most tokens among the other token characters.

Her second outfit Gadget Outfit costs Yutani UFO.png 250 (Yutani's UFOs).


Default Outfit

She is a girl in an alien suit, with the alien suit being green with spots at the bottom, with 2 antennae, 2 large eyes, and 4 arms. The upper arms are the real arms and the lower arms are just parts of the suit and can't be moved.

Gadget Outfit

In Gadget Outfit Yutani appears without the alien costume, with her short hair with two buns and a purple wick, she wears a pink shirt and skirt, yellow boots (similar to Amy panda outfit boots) with different colored socks, a blue jacket with cyan gloves, Yutani wears an gadget backpack that moves two yellow arms with two claws each, looks like it has four equal arms in the Alien costume.


  • Among all the characters that requires tokens to unlock, Yutani requires the most tokens to be collected.
  • Yutani received a new outfit called the Gadget Outfit in the HoustonLogo.png update.
    • She also gets a new animation.
  • Yutani may be a reference to the Weyland-Yutani corporation from Aliens Vs Predators.
  • Originally, Yutani's gender was not clear. However, later in the animated series, it was revealed she is actually a girl.
  • In the animated series, Yutani's alien suit is somewhat different than it is in the games. In the series, the suit appears lighter and is more fitting to her body, while in the game, the suit seems heavy and appears large.
  • In the animated series, it is revealed she has a crush on Jake.
  • Yutani has custom animations when playing as her with the Gadget Outfit during the title screen.
  • Before every new update, she often gets +5 Multiplier Bonus. After update, an other limited character in that edition will replace her in Special Thursdays.
  • Even though in the series she has a crush on Jake, on a Facebook post made by SYBO, it is confirmed that she is dating Bob the Blob
  • On the same Facebook post it is confirmed that Yutani discovered Bob the Blob.
  • Yutani, Jake, Tricky, Fresh, Spike, Frank, Boombot and Rin are the only characters in the game who have limited edition counterparts, Zombie Jake (Halloween update), Festive Jake, and Super Runner Jake, Elf Tricky and Festive Tricky, Festive Fresh, Festive Spike, Festive Frank, and Festive Yutani (Christmas update), and Pride Jake, Pride Tricky, Pride Fresh, Pride Spike, Pride Yutani, Pride Frank and Pridebot (ChangAnLogo.png update), and Spacebot (SpaceStationLogo.png update), and Gingerbot (NorthPole2021Logo.png update), and Parkour Rin (Paris 2021 Logo.png update), respectively.



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