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The Weekly Hunt has been expired, the Weekly Hunt has been changed to Season Hunt.

The Weekly Hunt, similar to the Daily Challenge, was an event that requires the player to collect a certain amount of tokens to receive a prize. It was introduced to the game after the Egg Hunt in the Rome Logo.png. The deadline for each challenge, as the title says, is one week (Sometimes, the deadline is 2 weeks instead of 1, according to the New Orleans update) . The appearance of the tokens needed to be collected differs each edition. For example: For Tokyo Logo.png, Japanese keychains are needed to be collected, while pumpkins are needed to be collected in the New Orleans Logo.png, however, they serve the same purpose. There are 4 challenges per edition (now it has been changed to 3 challenges). Each challenge requires the player to collect a different amount of tokens, the higher the amount the tokens needed, the better the prize. Weekly Hunts last for three or four weeks.

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