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Here is my list of all my Subway Surfers BFFs Girls.

  1. Tricky and Yutani
  2. Tasha and Lucy
  3. Frizzy and Miss Maia
  4. Zoe and Scarlett
  5. Coco and Harumi
  6. Kim and Carmen
  7. Olivia and Alex
  8. Mina and Freya
  9. Rosa and Sofia
  10. Amira and Jasmine
  11. Noon and Jolien
  12. Aina and Zuri
  13. Jenny and Nina
  14. Jia and Mei
  15. Lauren and Alicia
  16. Salma and Ramona
  17. Rabbot and Koral
  18. Rin and Maeko
  19. Mimi and Bonnie
  20. Alba and Amy
  21. Liu and Ming
  22. Lana and Cleo
  23. Mala and Pink
  24. Cathy and Morgan
  25. Clementine and Hasina
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