aka Vitor Valverde

  • I live in Brazil
  • I was born on April 5
  • I am Male

Hello! My name is Vitor Valverde and Welcome to my page! I'm from Brazil and i play Subway Surfers since Miami 2013 update. Over time I have already made a lot of progress but the most recent one I started in Buenos Aires 2020. I edit on the wiki since 1st November 2018 and I always try to be around and help everyone!

Characters I got throughout the game in my actual progress
JakeIcon1 TrickyIcon1 FreshIcon1DinoIcon1RabbotIcon1 BoombotIcon1SofiaIcon1
The ones missing from my collection
SpikeIcon1 YutaniIcon1 FrankIcon1 FrizzyIcon1 KingIcon1 LucyIcon1 NinjaIcon1 TagbotIcon1 TashaIcon1 ZoeIcon1 BrodyIcon1 PrinceKIcon1 MissMaiaIcon1 ZombieJakeIcon1 ElfTrickyIcon1 TonyIcon1 CarmenIcon1 RobertoIcon1 KimIcon1 HarumiIcon1 NickIcon1 CocoIcon1 SunIcon1 AlexIcon1 EddyIcon1 JamieIcon1JayIcon1 MinaIcon1 RosaIcon1 OliviaIcon1 EdisonIcon1 WayneIcon1 JasmineIcon1 NoonIcon1 BuddyIcon1RexIcon1IzzyIcon1 AmiraIcon1 MarcoIcon1 NikosIcon1 ZuriIcon1 MikeIcon1 JennyIcon1 JaroIcon1 AinaIcon1 CarlosIcon1 JiaIcon1 BjarkiIcon1 RamonaIcon1 LaurenIcon1 MalikIcon1 JolienIcon1PhilipIcon1 FreyaIcon1 SalmaIcon1 LeeIcon1 DiegoIcon1MannyIcon1 NicolaiIcon1 EZIcon1 DylanIcon1 NinaIcon1 BrandonIcon1ScarlettIcon1 AliciaIcon1 HugoIcon1KareemIcon1 MeiIcon1 AlbaIcon1 FestiveFreshIcon1 RinIcon1 AceIcon1 MimiIcon1 MaekoIcon1AmyIcon1 MonkbotIcon1LiuIcon1 MingIcon1
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