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  • My occupation is Bein' Creative
  • I am Iceberg Lettuce

Hello Visitors! This is my profile! You can find info about me and my Subway Surfers Info, Feel free to message me, and don't be shy to ask if you are an experianced users, and needs to be promoted.


Highscore Secrets

  1. Use more than 30 Hoverboards, in a single game to earn ponits more than a million. 
  2. Maximum upgrades of power-ups is extremely useful, especially when you have the Rome Update.
  3. Use hoverboards when the level is very fast (Probably in the stage where your score is 250,000+.
  4. For easier dogding, use power-up hoverboards, like DaredevilBouncer or Lowrider.
  5. When making your highscore, Don't use Jake, use other characters, becuase they have a hidden ability, which is "run faster."
  6. Try to get as many keys as possible, from mystery boxes or collecting them while running. They will revive you! But use them wisely, from the second reviving offer, it will ask more keys!
  7. Find any useful glitches on the Cheat Guide page, one of the rarest glitches is the Lucky Death, a glitch that makes the character bump into an obstable, but WON'T die, insteadby stuck in there, until you swipe to another direction, continuing the game.


~Finished Pages~

Hello! Thanks for visiting my profile! :)


~Subway Friends~

~Subway Enemies~

  • A Mysterious Surfer


~Surfer's Info~

In this section, you can find my information on Subway Surfers!

  • First Play on Android: December 2012
  • First Play on iOS: ??? (But i still played, it's just a looooong time ago.)
  • Version of First Play on Android: Christmas Update
  • Character Faves: BrodyKing, Carmen, Elf Tricky, and Kim
  • Character Hates: Jake
  • Hover Faves: Daredevil and Lowrider
  • Hover Hates: Monster, Miami, and The default
  • Missed Play: Halloween Update (Too Bad! I missed that update, but i still bought Zombie Jake using the Time Travel Glitch!)
Elftricky This user's favorite character is Elf Tricky!

CraAazy Highscore!

This is a lot of details! But, it's worth the reading! 

  • Highscore: 1,325,570
  • Multiplier: 35x (Used with Score Booster)
  • Character selected to have the highscore: Kim
  • Score when activated first hoverboard: The start of the game
  • Hoverboards Used: A crAaAazy amount!
  • Coins Collected: 6000+
  • Power-Ups Collected and Used: A super craAaAzy amount!
  • Type of Hoverboard Used: Daredevil (For Faster Surfing!) 
  • Keys Collected: 1, You know there rare!
  • Keys Spent: 3 Keys
  • Revied: 2 Times!
  • Hoverboards Crashed: Just a few! 
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