I've been playing SS since December 2012. I hope that the World Tour comes to Stockholm, mainly because I am from Sweden. Highscore: 7,858,980. Times revived: 5. Hoverboards used: 0 (yes, 0!). Coins collected: 30,300. Points before coin points added: 5,985,000.

Special editions:

Subway Surfers: Halloween: didn't play back then.

Subway Surfers: Holiday: started 5 days before it ended. Managed to get all Power-Ups to level 3, and buy Elf Tricky.

Subway Surfers World Tour: New York: was really excited when it came out. Managed to buy Tony, but not the Board.

Subway Surfers World Tour: Rio: bought Carmen. Didn't bother to get the Board.

Subway Surfers World Tour: Rome: got Roberto and Chicky. Didn't get the other Board.

Subway Surfers World Tour: Sydney: really wanted to get Kim, but my life was hectic and I barely had time to play SS. When it ended I had 90k, so I bought Outback instead of Kim. She's still the character I want the most.

Subway Surfers World Tour: Tokyo: still depressed over the Sydney failure. I played like crazy and ended with Cherry, Kitty, Harumi and 60k. Still my biggest success in SS so far.

Subway Surfers World Tour: Miami: wanted the Board more than the character, so I bought it. Didn't get enough money to buy Nick as well.

Subway Surfers World Tour: Paris - Subway Surfers World Tour: New Orleans: barely played SS at all. Got a bit bored with it and didn't buy any Board or character from any of these editions.

Subway Surfers World Tour: London: started to play SS again. Managed to get both Jamie and Jingles.

Subway Surfers World Tour: Mumbai: managed to get niether Jay nor Bengal.

Subway Surfers World Tour: Miami 2014: couldn't let Nick slip away again. When the last day came, I only had 45k though. I played like crazy the last 4 hours, and 1 minute before the end I got 95k. Happy to not repeat the Kim Story, I bought Nick's Speedy outfit as well.

Subway Surfers World Tour: Seoul: Mina seems nice. Didn't know how much I could play, but hopefully I could get her. I was still broke after Miami though. Then my phone broke and all chances of getting Mina disappeared.

Subway Surfers World Tour: New York 2014: already had Tony, so I could buy his Folk outfit immediately. I had 30k already, so I got 20k and bought Liberty.

Subway Surfers World Tour: Mexico City: Rosa - awesome. My old habit with having almost no money when a new edition comes out (this time 2k) still existed. I had no interest in getting Prickly, so I just tried for Rosa the whole edition. I did another Miami/ Sydney though. The last day I had 20k, and when two hours were left I had 40k. I played like crazy and got a new highscore (wohoo!), but when the edition ended I only had 87k. Well, well, atleast I can get the character in the edition after Rome easily now.

Subway Surfers World Tour: Rome 2014: since I had Roberto and 90k left from the last edition, I immediately bought Fan and Kick-Off. I then played much more than usually, and when I had 90k I saw the page about cheats and the time-travelling cheat here on this Wiki. I thought: "why not?", and set the date at April 5 2013. To my surprise Kim showed up in the store, and I played, got the remaining 5k, and bought her! I mean, after all, Kiloo did add those Awards because they wanted us to buy more characters, right? Happy like almost never before, I played more, to save up coins for the character (and board) in the edition after Rome...

Later editions to come. Let's just say this though: I didn't have enough mone to buy another character until Bangkok...

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