aka Prince K

Surfing Chatter
  • I live in Chşinău, Moldova
  • I was born on March 5
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Human

Playing Edit

World Tour: Mumbai - Playing Subway Surfers first time. Don't unlocking Jay and Bengal :(

World Tour: Miami 2 - Unlcoking Nick and Flamingo and win a Jackpot :)

Tour: Seoul - Unlcoking Mina and Bubblegum.

World Tour: New York 2 - Unlocking Tony. Don't unlocking the board

World Tour: Mexico - Don't unlcoking Rosa and Prickly. I deleted Subway Surfers because was a bug in my android :(

World Tour: Rome 2 - Beijing 2 - Don't playing Subway Surfers.

World Tour: Beijing 2 - Installing Subway Surfers in another phone. In the last 2 days don't get Sun and Panda

World Tour: Cairo - Deleting SS.

World Tour: New Orleans 2 - Installing again Subway Surfers. Unlocking Eddy and his Trick Outfit and Pumpkin.

World Tour: Bangkok -  Unlocking Noon and Dino. Don't unlock Turtle

Subway Surfers World Tour: Christmas 2014 - Unlocking Snowflake and Rudy.

Subway Surfers World Tour: Las Vegas - Don't playing

I have Edit

Coin 27,000+

Key 001 73

Boards: 1

Currently Used Edit

Character: Noon

Hoverboard: Snowflake

My highscore Edit

My highscore is: 30,079,780

I make him in: Bangkok, 18.11.2014

Character used: Ninja

Hoverboard Used: Pumpkin

Multiplier: 35 (Score Booster)

Mega headstars used: 3

Hoverboard used: 50+

Coins collected: 100,000+

Keys used: 15

My favorite characters Edit

Roberto, Nick, Sun, Mina, Kim and Rex.

Dislike Characters Edit

Lucy (is very ugly), Yutani.

My favorite hoverboardsEdit

Mike889's favorite Hoverboards

Bengal(BEST), Teleporter, Scoot, Dragon, Lumberjack (best No2), Jingles, Fortune (best No3), Pumpkin (best No4), Snowflake, Starboard, Rudy.

Dislike Hoverboards Edit

Flamingo, Kitty.

Characters Unlocked: Edit

Jake, Tricky, Fresh, Spike, Frank, Ninja, Tasha, Tagbot, Lucy, Eddy, Noon, Dino

Outfits Unlocked: Edit

Dark Outfit, Camo Outfit, Funk Outfit, Clown Outfit, Tiger Outfit, Trick Outfit, Goth Outfit, Steam Outfit, Yang Outfit, Flame Outfit, Space Outfit, Cheer Outfit, Gym Outfit, Pink Outfit.

Hoverboards Unlocked: Edit

Starboard, Lumberjack, Superhero, Miami, Great White, Scoot, Pumpkin, Snowflake, Rudy.

Board Upgrades Unlocked: Edit

Star Trail


  • Do 1,500 edits
  • Be in rank 1-3 in the leaderboard
  • Be a Chat Moderator
  • Get 50 achievements
  • Be a administrator
  • Unlcok the The more, the merrier, Looking good and Board rider awards.
  • Beat my highscore
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