So, I'm DreamerGirl16 and welcome at my page. I'm a amateur writer and letter artist.


Harry Potter

House: Ravenclaw

Favorite characters: Luna Lovegood and Dobby

Ilvermorny house: Thunderbird

Patronus: Dappled grey stallion

Hunger Games

Favorite character: Rue

Favorite shipping: Finnick and Annie. I hate all the shipping with Katniss to be honest. I think she has survived way too much to ever want a relationship

Favorite district: 11

Weapon: bow and arrow

Tactic: getting a bow, running away and hiding somewhere until nearly everyone died

Lunar Chronicles

Favorite character: Scarlet

Favorite place: The Rampion

Favorite shipping: Cresswel!

Rise of the Tangled Dragon

Favorite character: Jack Frost

Pirates of the Caribbean

But if Jack Sparrow won't be in the 6th movie, I'll just ignore there is a 6th movie at all.

Favorite character: Jack Sparrow... or Will Turner

Alice in Wonderland

Favorite character: Cheshire cat

I just love Wonderland really much. Oh all the madness, it's amazing!


Favorite character: Sherlock Holmes

Favorite episode: season 1, episode 3


Faction: Amity or divergent: Amity and Abegnation

Percy Jackson

Cabin: 6, house of Athena

Buzfeed Unsolved

Team: Boogaras

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