Divine Fox

Surfing Chatter
  • I live in Portugal
  • I was born on December 13
  • My occupation is Programmer/Gamer/Otaku
  • I am Male

Game Stats

  • Highscore: 6,454,920
  • Multiplier: 30x
  • Mission Set Number: 232
  • Hoverboards: 600+
  • Keys: 60+ Key 001
  • Coins 180.000+ Coin

Characters Unlocked

Jake; Tricky; Olivia; Harumi; Lucy; Fresh; Ninja; Spike; Tagbot; King; Yutani; Tasha; Jasmine; Eddy; Dino; Noon; Mina; Amira; Wayne.

Outfits Unlocked

Dark Outfit; Skate Outfit; Meow Outfit; Goth Outfit; Yang Outfit; Flame Outfit; Star Outfit; Space Outfit; Cheer Outfit; Count Outfit; Steam Outfit; Safari Outfit; Gym Outfit; Toy Outfit; Royal Outfit; Trick Outfit; Pink Outfit; Robo Outfit; Pop Outfit; Rock Outfit; Punk Outfit; Funk Outfit; Sport Outfit; Genie Outfit; Chief Outfit; Knight Outfit.

Boards Unlocked

Hoverboard; Starboard; Superhero; Lumberjack; Miami; Great White; Daredevil; Pumpkin; Rudy; Bengal; Cruiser.

Awards Completed


Super Surfer Agent; I Got the Power; Trophy Hunter; Letter Chaser; Coin Cautious; Mission Master; Super Trophy Hunter; Coin Counter; Best of Friends; Always on the Top; Mystery Maetro; No Acrobatics.


Divine Fox has entered the Future Predictor!

Key 001Key 001CoinCoinDivine Fox has predicted the Los Angeles edition correctly!CoinCoinKey 001Key 001

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Thanks For Reading! Divine Fox (talk)

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