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  • I live in Pokemon Tower, Lavender Town
  • I am a Marowak ghost
Key 001
Key 001

Game Stats

  • Highscore: 8,369,850
  • Hoverboards: have 200+ so far, used only for missions
  • Keys: 110+
  • Money: 600,000+
  • Multiplier: 30x
  • Mission Number: 70+

Currently Using

  • Character: Mina/Olivia
  • Hoverboard: Snowflake

Highscore Stats

  • Highscore: 8,369,850
  • Achieved On: 1 August 2014 (Friday)
  • Character Used: Mina
  • Hoverboard Used: Snowflake
  • Coins Collected: 31,999
  • Amount of hoverboards Used: 20+
  • Keys Used: 7
  • Notes:
    • Finished Los Angeles' 1st Weekly Hunt right away.
    • Collected 2 Mystery Boxes and 8 Super Mystery Boxes (No jackpots :()
    • Used hoverboards due to mission.


  • Character: Mina
    • Reason: She looks awesome...
  • Hoverboard: Snowflake
    • Reason: I also don't know why I like it so much... Just when it's about to leave, I bought it for no reason... :|
  • Power-up: Super Sneakers
    • Reason: Jump here jump there, is that awesome or what?!?!

Any questions?

If you have a question you would like to ask related to the wiki or the game, please post it at Message Wall:Solstice2000, thanks! :D

However, if you find someone on the wiki claiming to be my second/third account, then my accounts are these:

If the user isn't any of these accounts, then it's a fake. :)

Glitchy Fest!!!

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