Aussie Winter Girl

  • I live in Melbourne
  • I was born on July 20
  • My occupation is eating doughnuts, being AWESOME and using wikia
  • I am Female
Subway Surfers Sydney Backgrond

Hi! Go Kim and Tricky, You're both the BEST!

My High score is 17,050,950.

My score multiplier is X30.

I'm at the top of my Facebook and Game Center leaderboard.

My fave edition is Sydney 'coz it's in Australia (I LOVE AUSTRALIA!!!)



Subway Surfers World tour: New York 2014

Wave_emoticon.gif I'm here to help! Wave_emoticon2.gif Edit

If you need any help ask me!

I'm am admin here at Subway Surfers wiki, so you ask me any thing!

Thanks! Giggle.gif Emoticon-dance.gif Emoticon-star.gif

My Subway Surfers Game Info Edit

My three favorite characters:

In no particular order:

1. Kim (Because shes Aussie and shes the best character).

2. Tricky (I just love her so much). TrickyHatIcon

3. It's a tie between Rosa and Yutani Yutani's UFO Icon (I love Yutani because she is very different like me, I love Rosa because shes awesome).

My three favorite Hoverboads:

1. Bouncer

2. Outback

3. Hot Rod

How I got my high score:

I used about 23 Hoverboads.

I used 63Key 001.

The character I used was Tricky in her Camo outfit.

The Hoverboad I used was Bengal (I was meant to use the Bouncer, but before the game I pressed Bengal.

Characters I've unlocked:

Jake (of course)






Hoverboads I've unlocked:

Hoverboad (of course)

Starboard (of course)






Outback Outfits I've unlocked: (I'm try to save Key 001)

Camo outfit.

How many Key 001 I have:

Never got any with real money.


How many Coin I have:

Use to have Heap's (I've spent a lot recently).

How many Facebook/Game Center friends I have on Subway Surfers:

15 (Including me).

Is Subway Surfers my favorite game?


Aussie Winter Girl has entered the Future Predictor!

CoinKey 001 Hope you enjoyed reading about me! Please tell me if you want to chat & when in my message wall!Key 001Coin
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