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This article has upcoming contents of the game.

The following contents are official for the game but not all of them are available at the moment, it is not known if all of this will really come into the game but the page will always be updating to any news.

Upcoming Next Update

Upcoming World Tour will be the one hundred thirty-second update of Subway Surfers. It will release in August 9th, 2021 after the Tokyo2021Logo.png update.


Upcoming Characters

Coral (surfer)


Coral dressing the original outfit.

Cost TbaName.png
Edition TbaName.png
Limited? TbaName.png
Release Date TbaName.png
This character doesn't have any unlockable outfit.

Coral (surfer) is an upcoming fan-made surfer made by @tenshigrace. She was revealed on June 4 as the winner of the 9th Birthday Contest. She will be released on future update of the game.


  • Coral is the second fan-made surfer after Tankbot.
  • Coral has the same name as the Coral board.




Mala dressing the original outfit.

Cost Coin.png 95,000
Edition In SeattleLogo.png reveal the animation
Limited? Yes
Release Date Coming Soon
This character doesn't have any unlockable outfit.

Mala would of been the Seattle surfer with Andy. Some people managed to get her and she appears as Kim with a new animation. She was not released in SeattleLogo.png, but on a SYBO Games YouTube live, they confirmed after questioning that the surfer Mala will be launched in a future update without prior game release.


  • It is not known the real appearance of the surfer Mala, as she has no additional outfits and appears with Kim's body.
    • Only her animation was revealed. She smiles while walking with her arms over her chest.


Upcoming Hoverboards⠀

Flying Horse

Flying Horse

Flying Horse1.png
Flying Horse in its original form.

Cost Coin.png 100
Ability None
Edition ComingSoonIcon.png
Limited? Yes
Release Date Coming Soon
This hoverboard doesn't have any unlockable upgrades.

Flying Horse is a future limited hoverboard in Subway Surfers. Like any other hoverboard, it protects you from crashing for 30 seconds. When crashed, the hoverboard will explode and need to recharge for a few seconds before using again. It needs Coin.png 100 to be unlocked.


  • Flying Horse is the 10th board of the Chinese version of Subway Surfers to come to the original version, after Fire Dragon, Diablo, Retro Wave, Spaceship, Scroll, Aero, Goat and Bamboo and Parasol that have not yet been released.
  • Flying Horse belongs to the Dunhuang update of the Chinese version together with the surfer Hou, however its description is like "Gansu Board".
  • Dunhuang is a city in the province of Gansu in China.
  • Flying Horse is the third horse-shaped board in the game, after Jouster and Stallion.
  • Like the Parasol board, the Flying Horse board exists in the game files, in the APK where it appears it costs 100 coins.
  • The Flying Horse special board is based on the well-known chinese bronze statue "Flying Horse of Gansu" that is displayed in the Gansu provincial museum in China.


Upcoming Events

Run The World - Daily Sales! event - COMING SOON


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