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Kim running on the trains in the Seoul Logo.png Update.

Subway Surfers is nothing without trains! In real life, trains are a form of rail transport consisting of a series of vehicles that usually runs along a rail track to transport cargo or passengers. But in this game, they can be extremely deadly! Crashing into a train will end the player's run. Some trains move opposing the direction the player runs while most trains stay stationary. They cannot run through them, roll under them nor jump over them (unless they have the Super Sneakers or the Pogo Stick), but some trains have ramps on them where they can run on top of them to have a better view of what to come, and have a chance to collect many coins, power-ups or even tokens for the Season Hunt. The trains' appearance will change depending on the current edition.

During the release of each edition, the appearance of the trains would change, but there would always be 3 types of trains per edition.


  • Attempting to switch the player's character into a lane where there already is a train will result in their character being slowed down, allowing the Inspector to catch up.
    • Doing so while the inspector is right behind them will result in getting caught.
  • When they are in the place where moving/running trains are in the middle and they crashed in one of them (except the last and 2nd to the last train), the next train will still move/run and the coins will be left "flying".


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