Time Travel, as it is called the game time travel bug, where it is possible to go back in time by returning the dates through the phone settings and entering the game. Before the Bali update Time Travel worked to return to old cities and updates, but unfortunately SYBO withdrew this feature after the Bali update.

But after Marrakesh 2020 with the new version of the game, it was possible to have a new Time Travel, with possibilities to return to dates to buy characters and boards or get keys and cities, it is a bug that lasts until today, it is possible to access November dates from 2019 until the beginning of 2021, it is possible to go back on dates to access events, complete seasonal hunts among other methods.

Enjoy and use the dates of your cell phone with the dates below, so far Time Travel has been running since May 7, 2020, in some cases when changing dates your city changes to the default city of the game (San Francisco 2020 Logo), but if if you want to go back to the original city you will have to uninstall and install the game again, with the online saving feature this is possible without any damage or loss to your account.

This is a bug in the game but don't worry, what you buy will never be lost! Access the dates in the list below, some prices may change!

List of dates to access in Time Travel Edit

November 2019 Edit

  • 11 November: SEASON RUNT 4 TokenWindmill for Amsterdam2020Logo(city) +12x Multiplier
  • 19 November: SEASON RUNT Prince K, Windglider and 4 TokenCuteRobot for Barcelona Logo(city) +12x Multiplier (or 741Key)
  • 26 November: Brandon on SEASON RUNT

December 2019 Edit

  • 02 December: SEASON RUNT 40TokenSkaterSticker for New York 2015 Logo (city) +12x Multiplier
  • 10 December: Banana board on SEASON RUNT
  • 11 December: SEASON RUNT 40 TokenFlamingo Miami2019Logo(city) +12x Multiplier
  • 17 December: Jamie on SEASON HUNT
  • 24 December: SEASON RUNT 40TokenTajine for Marrakesh2020Logo(city) +12x Multiplier
  • 24 December: Flamingo board on SEASON RUNT
  • 31 December: Edison on SEASON HUNT

January 2020 Edit

  • 01 January: SEASON RUNT 40 TokenSeaLion for Iceland Logo(city) +12x Multiplier

February 2020 Edit

  • 02 February: SEASON RUNT 250TokenTajine for Cairo 2018 Logo(city) +12x Multiplier
  • 05 February: Naga for 20Key
  • 12 February: Noon for 30Key
  • 18 February: SEASON HUNT Tony for 95TokenSkaterSticker and Yellow Cab for 50TokenSkaterSticker

March 2020 Edit

April 2020 Edit

May 2020 Edit

June 2020 Edit

July 2020 Edit

August 2020 Edit

  • 05 August: Naga for 50,000Coin
  • 19 August: Liberty for 50,000Coin
  • 28 August: Noon for 95,000Coin

October 2020 Edit

December 2020 Edit

  • 25 December: Buddy for 95,000Coin

March 2021 Edit

  • 31 March: Alba for REAL MONEY

Trivia Edit

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