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Time Travel, as it is called the game time travel bug, where it is possible to go back in time by returning the dates through the phone settings and entering the game. Before the update, the Time Travel works in Android and iOS devices. Time Travel worked to return to old cities and updates, but unfortunately SYBO withdrew this feature after the BaliLogo.png.

After the Marrakesh2020Logo.png update with the new version of the game, it was possible to have a new version of Time Travel, with the possibility to return to dates to buy characters and boards or get keys and cities. It's a bug that still can be used to this day. It is possible to access November dates from 2019 until the beginning of 2021 and it is possible to go back on dates to access events, complete seasonal hunts, among other methods.

Enjoy and use the dates of your cell phone with the dates below, so far Time Travel has been running since May 7, 2020, when changing the dates your seasonal hunt restarts, be aware before using this method. This is a bug in the game but don't worry, what you buy will never be lost! Access the dates in the list below, some prices may change!

Use the dates and check if they are correct, if any date is not correct in the list below you can modify it. Time Travel benefits players with limited and discounted characters and boards, it also offers in old seasonal hunts cities with a +1 increase in the game multiplier.

As of recent changes when the Subway Surfers application released a new update replacing the Weekly Hunt with Season Hunt. They added tier levels to unlock which broke previous Time Travel dates for Season Hunts before this update.

List of dates to access in Time Travel

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