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Terrific Tuesday is a limited event on Subway Surfers that is always available on the tuesdays. The utility of this event is win the jackpot in the boxes with more coins that the normal. With the Normal Box, you can win 900,000 Coin.png and with the Super Mystery Box, you can win 1,500,000 Coin.png. But it was not like that in the 14th February of 2017 (during the Arabia Logo.png edition), it was the Valentine's Day Special Terrific Tuesday, winning 1,430,000 Coin.png with the Normal Box and 2,240,000 Coin.png with the Super Mystery Box.


  • In Marrakesh2020Logo.png, was revealed the percentage to win the 900,000 Coin.png (the Mega Jackpot) is 0.11%.
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