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Super Mystery Box Mania is a 24-hour event (like most events) that gives players the ability to collect Super Mystery Boxes while running, making it easier to get higher rewards.

They can normally only get Super Mystery boxes by completing a Daily Challenge 5 times in a row or more, and completing a mission set when their Score Multiplier is x30. But with the event, they can get it quicker than usual. They appear in the same places as Weekly Hunt Tokens.

Starting in Los Angeles Logo.png edition, this event is only effective every Friday (aka Fabulous Friday).

For unknown reasons, during Copenhagen2022Logo.png, the event couldn't be seen in the "More" section on the Season Hunt (in this section, all events are shown), but on the SanFrancisco 2022 Logo.png edition, the bug was fixed.



See Super Mystery Box Mania/Events.

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