Super Mystery Box

Super Mystery Box New
Super Mystery Box

Type Prize Box
Function Open
Obtainable by Collecting it while running, doing missions, watching Daily Video or compelting Daily Challenges or Weekly Hunt.
Price N/A

Super Mystery Box is a type of prize box that can't be bought or collected (except during the Super Mystery Box Mania event), but can be unlocked by doing a whole mission set after you get Multiplier x30, finishing the Weekly Hunt (with the required rewards), completing the Wordy Weekend challenges, and completing the Daily Challenge 5 days in a row, watching Ads and more. As it can be told already, the Super Mystery Box is a better or 'upgraded' version of the regular Mystery Box with bigger and better prizes. 




  • Fresh Boombox x3
  • Yutani UFO x3
  • Spike Guitar x3
  • Tricky Hat x3
  • Jake Spray Can x3



Super Jackpot


Super mystery box during run
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