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Super Mysterizer

Super Mysterizer.png
The Super Mysterizer item.

Type Power-Up
Function Random
Obtainable by Collecting
Price None

Super Mysterizer is an exclusive power-up that only appears on Mistery Mondays. Like the Pogo Stick, it only appears on the tracks and is unupgradable. When having contact with it, it can transform into 4 different abilities. They last for a limited time only. It first appeared in the New York Logo.png edition and has been appearing in every edition after it.


It can transform into 4 different types of abilities, they include:


  • There were originally going to be 5 abilities, the fifth one would turn the player into a random surfer. This ability was called Surfer Swap, but this one was never released in the game.
  • In the New York 2015 Logo.png update, the names of the mysterizers appearing on the screen was removed, but this was reverted in the Marrakesh2020Logo.png update.


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