This will be a guide on how to add in your own highscore into the list.


  • Identify your placing by your score. (Note that the scores are listed in descending order)
  • Copy the following code:
| |1
| |Benny Johnstone
| |4,467,400
  • Paste it at your rank and fill in your score into the code.
    • The first column will be your placing.
    • The second column will be your username. (Remember to write it in {{user|(username)}}
    • The third column will be your score.
    • After you filled it in, it will look like this:
| |1
| |{{user|Benny Johnstone}}
| |4,467,400
  • Then, remember to add the rank of the other members below you by 1 to keep its consistency. Later, hit 'Publish' and you're done!
  • Note:
    • Commas are necessary in numbers as it would be easier to recognize.
    • Fake highscores (Achieved by hacks or not original) are not permitted and will be removed once confirmed.
    • If you are still confused, you can ask an administrator to add it for you.
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