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Subway Surfers is an endless action video game developed & published by Kiloo & SYBO Games. The player takes on the role of an average teen (or, on rare occasions, a young adult or an older kid) vandalizing a subway train, and is caught by The Inspector and his dog. The player must run away from the two, who are chasing him/her. In the Sydney Update, they added Keys, which revive the character if they should choose to use them. The game is available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms.

Launched in 2012, "World Tour" became the theme of the game, where the settings are in cities like New York, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Rome, Mumbai, Dubai, Tokyo and Miami, only a few of the many locations that have been featured up until this point. The game starts with a default character, Jake. However, as players collect more coins, they will eventually get the chance to unlock new characters. As well as coins, they can collect UFOs and Radios in order to unlock Yutani and Fresh, respectively.


The object of the game is to run as far as possible in a endless game world while avoiding randomly generated obstacles that require the player to either jump (slide finger forward), duck (slide finger backwards) and dodge the oncoming trains in a precise manner.


  • Coin Magnet: Attracts coins even if the player is not in its path.
  • Jetpack: Allows the player flight in the air, temporary invincibility and collecting many coins.
  • 2X Multiplier: Doubles the player's multiplier. (x10 = x20)
  • Super Sneakers: Allows the player to jump higher. Useful for collecting hunt tokens.
  • Power Jumper: Makes the player jump higher.
  • Headstart: Same power as the Jetpack except there are no coins and there are 3 powerups upon end.
  • Score Booster: Boosts the player's multiplier by 5, 6, or 7.
  • Super Mysterizer: Gives a player an exclusive mystery power-up (This can only be collected on mondays)

Playable Characters

The controllable characters are:


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Game Version History

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The game is currently available in 16 languages.


As of March 2013, the app had 26.5 million daily active users and 130 million downloads, as the company projects a total of 250 million downloads in 2013.


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