Spike wearing the original outfit.


Spike wearing the Rock Outfit.


Spike wearing the Punk Outfit.

Cost Spike Guitar 200
Edition Standard
Limited? No
Release Date May 24th, 2012
Spike watch2

Spike watch3
Rock Outfit
Key 25

Punk Outfit
Key 40

Spike is a Characters that can be unlocked by collecting 200 Spike's Guitars (Spike Guitar) tokens.


Spike looks like a "teenage punk rocker" with a white tank top, a black jacket with spikes at the shoulders and an red A on the back, light-blue jeans, black shoes with red shoelaces, and has a red and gray Mohawk. He also has blue eyes. During the Paris 2013 update,  He received 2 new outfits, which are the Rock Outfit and the Punk Outfit. They cost Key25 and Key40 respectively. In his Rock outfit, a little more changes are visible. He loses his mohawk and wears black make up around his eyes. His T-shirt changes to a darker shade and he wears ripped dark blue jeans. He also has a spiked bracelet on his right arm.

In his Punk outfit, there are some changes. he has spiky green hair, a red shirt and a blue tie with dark blue stripes. He also has face piercings, including one on his nose.


  • His haircut changes according to his outfits, similarly to Frizzy and Tasha.
  • His outfits are both based on different music genres. The Rock Outfit seems to be related on Black Metal Music. The Punk Outfit on Punk Rock Music.
  • His normal appearance is based on both rock and metal music.
  • The "A" on his back is the symbol for anarchy. [1]


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