Settings can be accessed from the Main Menu of Subway Surfers by pressing the gear button at the top-right corner above the events button.

List of optionsEdit

Option Function
Music ON/OFF Toggles on/off background music (BGM).
Sound ON/OFF Toggles on/off sound effects (SFX).
Reminder ON/OFF Toggles on/off reminders about Top Run, Word Hunt (previously Daily Challenge) and Daily Video.
Top Run Friends ON/OFF Show Top Run friends while playing.
Top Run Country Allows the player to set a specific country for the Top Run league. Note that the changes will apply next week of the league.
Language Allows the player to set the language. The available languages are: English, Brazilian Portuguese, and Latin American Spanish.
Log in/out of Facebook Allows the player to connect his/her Facebook account to the game, if he/she has one. They can unlock Dino by doing so.
Contact Support Allows the player to contact Kiloo Support if they have problems.
Privacy Policy Allows the player to read the Privacy Policy in their browser.

Easter EggEdit

  • If the player taps the version number (eg. 1.50.0) three times, a Dev Info window will pop up. This is useful when they want to reset their high score
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