Scarlett wearing the original outfit.


Scarlett wearing the Catrina Outfit.

Cost Key 60


Edition New Orleans 2018 Logo
Limited? Yes
Release Date 5 October 2018
Scarlett watch2 Catrina Outfit
Key 30
Scarlett is a vampire girl and a Halloween special character in Subway Surfers. She was released in the October 2018 Edition in the third re-release of New Orleans. She costs Key 60. She is the fifty-second limited character in Subway Surfers, and the fiftieth limited character in the World Tour series.


Scarlett has plum red hair she wears up in a bun on the back of her head. Her face is a ghostly pale with green lips and clearly evident fangs; her eyebrows match her plum red hair.

She wears a formal winter outfit consisting of a long sleeve purple corset jacket over a layered green skirt, and with a dark red over-skirt. The outfit is finished with a dark red bow at her neck held by a motif brooch. She wears skull earrings that match the brooch, as well as elbow-length red gloves; black tights; and purple shoes. She carries a green umbrella which matches the colour and style of her skirt. A bat hangs from the edge of her umbrella.

In her Catrina outfit, Scarlett wears an ornate long sleeve floral dress in navy blue with red flowers and luminous green foliage. The hem, the sleeve ends, the waist and the neckline are all adorned with frills in red and/or luminous green. Her décolletage is decorated with a spider-inspired design. She wears black halloween tights, and luminous green shoes adorned with a red flower to tone with her dress. Her hair is worn in a more relaxed down style, her face is made up to match the outfit, and she wears red flowers at the front of her neck, and behind her left ear. On her head she wears an extraordinary hat in navy blue with luminous green edging; which seems to double as an umbrella The centrepiece of the hat incorporates a skull along with red flowers and yellow candles.


  • Scarlett received a new outfit Catrina, in the second release of Mexico, 2019.
  • In addition to Subway Surfers World Tour: Mexico 2019, she can be earned with real money (2.99).
  • Along with Buddy, Scarlett is the only limited character to be introduced in the re-release of an edition, despite not being available the first time the edition was released.


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