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Real Money

Real Money.

Type Resource
Function Unlocking stuff
Obtainable by Unknown
Price Unknown

Real Money is one of the ways to get some characters, boards and also to buy coins and keys in the bank and duplicate coins, in some events characters, boards that cost coins or keys can come for real money, the price varies according to rarity, in some cases some characters and boards were released for real money.




  • Turbo Team in DubaiLogo.png
  • Black Friday Super Pack in SeattleLogo.png
  • Holiday Pack in SaintPetersburgLogo2020.png
  • Lunar Mega Bundle in JourneyToTheEastLogo.png
  • Spooky Trio in Berlin2021Logo.png
  • New York Mega Bundle in New York 2021 Logo.png
  • Cosmic Bundle in Houston 2021
  • Viking Bundle in Copenhagen2021Logo.png
  • Pride Bundle in ChangAnLogo.png
  • Art Bundle in Paris 2021 Logo.png
  • Champion Bundle in Tokyo2021Logo.png
  • Colorful Bundle and School's Out Bundle in Mumbai2021Logo.png
  • Best Friend Bundle in LasVegas2021Logo.png
  • Treasure Bundle, Lovely Venice Bundle (re-sales) and Let's Play Bundle (re-sales) in Marrakesh2020Logo.png
  • Halloween Crew Bundle in Mexico 2021 Logo.png
  • Green Crew Bundle and Rawr Bundle in Vancouver2021Logo.png
  • Beach Crew Bundle and Gamer Bundle (re-sales) in VeniceBeach2021Logo.png
  • Festive Crew Bundle and Snow Squad Bundle in NorthPole2021Logo.png
  • Cairo Crew Bundle and Magic Bundle in Cairo 2022 Logo.png
  • Lunar Crew Bundle and Epic Hero! Bundle in Lunar New Year Logo.png
  • Barcelona Crew Bundle and Magic Offer Bundle in Barcelona 2022 Logo.png
  • Vancouver Crew Bundle, Big Apple Bundle (re-sales), Colorful Bundle (re-sales), Spring Pack Bundle and Skater Pack Bundle in Vancouver2022Logo.png
  • Biker Bundle, Speed Crew Bundle, Cinco de Mayo Bundle in Monaco 2022 Logo.png
  • Fan-made Bundle in Copenhagen2022Logo.png