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Qin wearing the original outfit.

Qin wearing the Warrior Outfit.

Cost Coin.png 95,000
Edition JourneyToTheEastLogo.png
Limited? Yes
Release Date February 11th, 2021
Qin watch1.png Warrior Outfit
Key.png 100

Qin is a limited edition character from JourneyToTheEastLogo.png. He can be unlocked with Coin.png 95,000. His first outfit, the Warrior Outfit, can be unlocked with Key.png 100.


Default Outfit

Qin is a Chinese boy who wears a traditional red, black and gold shi er liu mian hat and a red, black and gold mianfu with a dragon and mountain pattern on the underside of the outfit as well as white swirls on the sleeves.

Warrior Outfit

In Qin's Warrior Outfit, he wears a warrior outfit (hence his outfit name). He no longer wears his red hat and his hair is now in a man bun. This is the most expensive outfit in the game.


  • Qin comes from the Chinese version, from Xi'an update on 2017, his name on chinese version is the same name (Qin).
  • Qin is the 9th character of the Chinese Version of Subway Surfers to come in the Western Version.
    • The 1st is Rin in the Seoul2019Logo.png Update.
    • The 2nd is Ace in the DubaiLogo.png Update.
    • The 3rd is Mimi in the Moscow2019Logo.png Update.
    • The 4th is Maeko in the Singapore2019Logo.png Update.
    • The 5th is Amy in the HoustonLogo.png Update.
    • The 6th is Monkbot in the Beijing2020Logo.png Update.
    • The 7th is Liu in the Beijing2020Logo.png Update.
    • The 8th is Ming in the Beijing2020Logo.png Update.
    • The 10th is Hou in the JourneyToTheEastLogo.png Update.
    • The 11th is Alexandre in the Paris 2021 Logo.png Update.
  • Qin is from the Xian update of the Chinese Version of Subway Surfers, along with the Scroll board.
  • Qin is very similar to Hou, both in physical appearance and the second Warrior outfit which is very similar to Hou's Archer outfit.
  • Qin was practically released in the game in the Marrakesh2020Logo.png update in a future event, he even before the Bali2020Logo.png update was possible to get by advancing the Time Travel date to October 19, 2020 and buying it for 95,000 Coin.png, in which case it would be launched with the Run The World event and the date would be in the Peru2020Logo.png update, but that fact didn’t happen and the event was postponed just like the character, but whoever got it didn’t lose the character but only his official release was postponed.
  • Qin may be a reference to Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of an unified China and founder of the Qin dynasty.
  • Qin is the first character with an Outfit in 2021.
  • In Lunar New Year Logo.png, he can be purchased for REAL MONEY.png$4.48.


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