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Promo Codes was a feature added in Subway Surfers World Tour: London 2018 where you could type a code by going into settings, scrolling down to the Promo Code option, and then type in the code given to you by Kiloo & Sybo.

Unfortunately in Houston 2019, they stopped them and in IOS its no longer in the settings! Kiloo says that they cannot make multi-codes anymore because of store guidelines.

Here is the promo code that was used before it ended:


Limited codes


Reward Status
Bangkokcoins Coin 5,000 Expired
Tonsofkeys 100 Keys Expired
Kiloo19Keyz Key 19 Expired
London2018Coins Coin 10,000 Expired
Frank4Lyfe Coin 5,000 Expired
Subway2019Venice Coin 9,999 Expired
Sybo10k Coin 10,000 Expired
potofcoins Coin 5,000 Expired
MissMaiaGP Miss Maia Expired
KEYSSS Key 5 Expired
Keys5Zurich Key 5 Expired
bdaykeys Key 7 Expired
bdaycoins Coin 7,000 Expired
BaliSummer Key 10 + Coin 10,000 Expired
UnlockBCN Key 13 Expired
back2moscow Coin 9,001 Expired
moscow6keys Key 6 Expired
moscowsurprise Leaf Expired
mmbatpin Coin 5,000 Expired
mmcablegoat Key 5 Expired
HereKittyKitty Kitty Expired
DiabloNow Diablo Expired
mimimonday Mimi Expired
keys2singapore Key 8 Expired
Diablo60 Diablo +Key 5 Expired
singaporedollars Coin 5,555




  • Almost every update/Thursday you could tuned into Kiloo's Games livestreams on Facebook or YouTube for free promo codes around 8-9 AM EST.
  • Sybo occasionally releases promo codes on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
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