Prince K

Prince K1

Prince K wearing the original outfit.

Prince K2

Prince K wearing the Jag Outfit.

Prince K3

Prince K wearing the Shine Outfit.

Cost Coin 980,000
Edition Standard
Limited? No
Release Date 24 October 2012
PrinceK watch2

PrinceK watch3
Jag Outfit
Key 100

Shine Outfit
Key 280

Prince K is a character that can be unlocked by purchasing with Coin 980,000. Prince K is the most expensive character of all characters in Subway Surfers. His first outfit, the Jag Outfit, costs Key 100. His second outfit, the Shine Outfit, costs Key 280.


Prince K is a boy with a brown robe, light chocolate skin, golden shoes, watch and sunglasses. It seems that he's of Arabian or northern African descent, due to his brown skin color and his unique outfit.

During the Vancouver edition, he received the Jag Outfit. He wears a robe which is the skin of a white leopard, 2 golden headbands, and his sunglasses have turned into 'golden glasses'.

During the second release of Paris, he received the most expensive outfit, the Shine Outfit, which is the gold'est' out of all the other outfits. His clothes change to white and shiny, and he gets a necklace.


  • He is the second royal character, the first being King.
    • He has the most expensive outfits than any other character, with his Jag Outfit and Shine Outfit costing Key 100 and Key 280, respectively.
    • He, Tony and Jamie are the only characters with specs.
      • Unlike the other two, he is a non-limited character.
  • He is the most expensive character can unlockable by coins, and also his outfits are the most outfits can unlockable by keys


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