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Online version is a Subway Surfers online game version that you can play only on PC on Kiloo's or Poki's website.

Links to Play:


  • First Version Officially announced in the Online version was on the BaliLogo.png.
  • The online version was released in 9, August, 2019.
  • This is the first version to officially use landscape mode.
  • The First Version before the officially release was New York 2015 Logo.png
  • Another versions like Bangkok 2019 Logo.png, Seoul2019Logo.png, DubaiLogo.png, Miami2019Logo.png was released on Poki's site before release on the Kiloo's site, but they are not there anymore.
  • Currently the online version does not have the versions of the game at the same time (for example, the game is in Iceland2022Logo.png and the Site is in BaliLogo.png.). This is due to unknown reasons.
  • The online version saves when you are on Microsoft Edge signed into your Microsoft Account.
  • You can't get any limited characters or boards in the online version.