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Olivia wearing the original outfit.

Olivia wearing the Skate Outfit.

Olivia wearing the Derby Macabre Outfit.

Cost Coin.png 95,000
Edition Vancouver Logo.png
Limited? Yes
Release Date 8 May 2014
Olivia watch2.png

Olivia watch3.png
Skate Outfit
Key.png 30

Derby Macabre Outfit
Key.png 50

Olivia is a limited character from Vancouver Logo.png. She can be unlocked by purchasing with Coin.png 95,000. She was the seventeenth limited character and the fifteenth limited character in the World Tour series. Her first outfit, the Skate Outfit, costs Key.png 30. Her second outfit the Derby Macabre outfit could be initially bought for EventCoin1.png22,000 in Mexico 2021 Logo.png, currently Key.png 50.


Default Outfit

Olivia is a Canadian girl who is seen wearing a girl scout's uniform and a furry cap with a bear's paw mark, green shorts, red and white striped socks and brown shoes with yellow laces. She has short blonde hair and green eyes.

Skate Outfit

In the same edition, she also received the Skate Outfit. In this outfit, her shirt is replaced with a white one, and the red tie, the badges, and her belt are replaced by red stripes with a number 88 on the front and back sides. Her shorts change to black, and her furry cap is replaced by a red backwards ball-cap. She also has some black ice skates dangling from her right shoulder. Her outfit resembles a Canadian hockey fan. Her shoes remain the same from the default outfit.

Derby Macabre Outfit

Olivia wears a black flannel underneath an aqua and pink blouse. She wears black shorts and aqua, yellow, white and black sneakers. It has black and pink knee and elbow pads with light pink skull prints. She wears a black helmet with a pink and red flower print and has a braid on the back. She has skull makeup.


  • Olivia made a reappearance during a Wild Wednesdays event in Tokyo Logo.png. She costs $0.99.
    • She also made a reappearance in the Paris 2018 Logo.png edition.
    • She also re-appeared in the Mexico 2021 Logo.png edition with the Derby Macabre outfit.
  • She came back during Copenhagen2022Logo.png in the Birthday Bonanza for Key.png99.


  • In the Vancouver update screen, her name is misnamed as "Oliva".
  • She returns for Wild Wednesdays such as Tokyo Logo.png, Bangkok Logo.png, Paris 2018 Logo.png, Havana 2018 Logo.png, HoustonLogo.png, SeattleLogo.png and Berlin2021Logo.png.
  • She gets +5 Multiplier Bonus for Special Thursdays such as Barcelona Logo.png and Buenos Aires Logo.png.
  • In Barcelona 2022 Logo.png, she costed Coin.png100,000.


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