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Old Dusty

Old Dusty in its original form.

Old Dusty equipped with Dust Trail.

Cost Coin.png 50,000
Ability Dust Trail
Edition Arabia Logo.png
Limited? Yes
Release Date 16 April 2015
DustTrail watch.png Dust Trail
Key.png 60

Old Dusty is the twenty-seventh limited board in Subway Surfers and a limited hoverboard exclusive to Arabia Logo.png and re-released during Arabia Logo.png. Like any other board it is activated by 30 seconds by double tapping. It's unlocked by purchasing with Coin.png 50,000, like most of others limited hoverboards.

During the Arabia Logo.png, it received a new board upgrade, called Dust Trail, which costs Key.png 60. It also could be bought for real money while Jewelled could be bought for coins.


The board is a stereotypical magical flying carpet.


  • This board seems to be the only board that is consistently animated.
  • In the loading screens of Arabia (except the 2017 edition), Tricky (who normally shows off the current exclusive board in her hands) holds Old Dusty in an unseen rolled-up form. This rolled-form does not exist in the files, and was most likely created because the unfurled Old Dusty is too big for her to hold normally.
  • Flying carpets are normally associated with Arabia due to their use in Aladdin and its earlier appearance in 1001 Arabian Nights.
  • In the third release of Arabia, Old Dusty made an appearance, but it cost $ 0,99.
  • Old Dusty is the fourth Limited board to get special power. The first is Jingles, the second is Phantom, and the third is Groovy.
  • Old Dusty Appearance look likes Magic Carpet, but in different colors.
  • It is rereleased in Cairo 2018 Logo.png.


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