Mystery Box

Mystery Box 2016
Mystery Box

Type Prize Box
Function Gives a random prize.
Obtainable by Purchasing it, or collecting it while running.
Price Coin 500

Mystery Box, when opened, gives you a random item (see the list of items that you can obtain from the Mystery Box below). There's also an upgraded version of the Mystery Box, which is called the Super Mystery Box. There are two ways to get a Mystery Box, either buying the box for Coin 500 or getting it during the run.

In the Hawaii 2016 update they added the feature to Double Up prizes.

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  • Fresh's Radio Icon x1 or x2
  • Spike's Guitar Icon x1 or x2
  • Yutani's UFO Icon x1 or x2
  • TrickyHatIcon x1 or x2
  • JakeSprayCan x1 or x2




There is also an option to double up the prize by watching an ad video, only if internet connection is available.





  • It is possible to get multiple mystery boxes per run, most likely 2 or 3.
  • Whenever you receive Hoverboards from a Mystery Box, you have to get at least 1, which can be doubled up by watching an advertisement, making it 2 Hoverboards. This means that you can usually get at least 2 Hoverboards for only 500 coins as opposed to 600 (300 coins for each), if you just bought the Hoverboards normally.
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