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Not to be confused with Multiplier Bonus.


Multiplier item.

Type Power-Up
Function Double points
Obtainable by Collecting
Price None

Multipliers are essential in getting high scores in Subway Surfers. They can be increased permanently by completing a set of 3 Missions. The higher your multiplier, the easier it is to get highscores. For example, it is easier to get a certain score with a 10x multiplier than a 5x multiplier. Although the multiplier's max is 30x, add more it can still be increased with the Score Booster, the Super Mysterizer, the 2X Multiplier and the Special Thursdays event. With them, you can get your multiplier all the way to 100x! However, this effect is only temporarily.


  • The multiplier is normally yellow in color, But when you are using the 2X Multiplier, your multiplier will turn to green sometimes be doubled depending on whether or not your version is hacked. While using a Score Booster will turn your multiplier to blue and will increase it by +5. A Super Mysterizer can also increase the multiplier by +10 and can change it to purple only when it changes to "+10 Multiplier".
  • The Score Booster, the 2X Multiplier, the Super Mysterizer and the Missions are the only available things in the game to increase your multiplier.(other than just beating missions)
  • During the Los Angeles Logo.png edition, a new event was introduced: Tricky Thursday. On this day and every subsequent Thursday, the multiplier will increase 5x when you're playing with Tricky or any character with his/her name on the event name.


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