Mina dressing the original outfit.


Mina dressing the Robo Outfit.


Mina dressing the Pop Outfit.

Cost Coin 95,000
Edition Seoul
Limited? Yes
Release Date 14 February 2014
Mina watch2

Mina watch3
Robo Outfit
Key 001 15

Pop Outfit
Key 001 30

Mina is a limited character that can be purchased with Coin 95,000. She is a limited character exclusive to Subway Surfers World Tour: Seoul. Her first outfit, the Robo Outfit, can be bought for Key 001 15. Her second outfit, the Pop Outfit, can be bought for Key 001 30.


Mina is a South Korean girl with brown hair, brown eyes, blue earrings, turquoise and white converse shoes, blue sweatpants with two light blue stripes on each side, a yellow belly shirt and a turquoise sweatband on her right arm.

At the same time as her release, she received her first outfit right away - the Robo Outfit. In the outfit, her clothes change to black. She wears red face make-up across her eyes. It costs Key 001 15.

When her edition was re-released, she recieved the Pop Outfit, which costs Key 001 30. In this outfit, her outfit resembles the outfit that SNSD wears in their music video except that the color of the clothes are pink, as well as her recieving black leggings. In outfit, she resembles an air-hostess or a pilot.


  • She may be a reference to Shim Mina, since she has the appearance of a K-Pop singer.
  • During the Wild Wednesday event on the second week, Mina made a reapperance, and so did her outfit.
  • She is the second limited character to receive an outfit, and the first female limited character to receive an outfit.
    • She is also the first character to receive her outfit right after being introduced to Subway Surfers, excluding Nick who received his outfit at his second time in the game.
    • She is the first limited character to receive two outfits.
  • On March 2014, Mina made a reappearance at the New York 2014 edition for 24 hours, costing $0.99.
    • That's the first time a female World Tour character have reappeared back into the game.


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