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  • Hey DaRK, long time no see! 

    I've honestly forgotten about this wikia until just now, but it's pretty cool to see it still functioning and to see you still being active. Having not been on here for nearly a literal year, I'd love to get an update on what's been happening since I've been gone. I've done some brief investigating and apparently there's been Chinese exclusive posts and Punji has returned from the dead?

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    • Had to actually check when you last edited and holy moly, almost a year since you last edited. XD

      It has been a long time since I've seen you here but I didn't actually expect it to be that long ago tbh. How are you doing? :3

      We've had quite a few things happening here. Yes, Punji did come back, and he immediately when into action and tried to get some new admins. And so our new admins are Vip 8 and VitorValverdeYT. He also suggested a Discord channel for our wiki too but then dropped the idea afterwards. Since getting the new admins I don't think he's been active ever since? Still nice to have him back too.

      On a side note, the Administrators page now only lists the current active admins, removing Prince Jimmy and TheCuteDolphin. (Tho they still keep their roles)

      For the issue of Chinese-related pages, they had been implemented in the wiki for some time because nobody really told them to do so. That was until JPatchZ and Vitor started the project to remove those pages. There had been some arguments with Guhdrawsz, who contributed to the Chinese content but for now I think it has been resolved.

      Also DrEggman1026 was finally banned for he had went too far with his anger towards JPatchZ. After the ban was over he didn't do much and never came back anyway.

      This is at least what I can remember for now, have been quite inactive throughout this whole time too, but at least with the new admins it has been more reassuring to me that the wiki is in good hands. :3

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    • I've been alright, the whole pandemic thing certainly made life a bit more interesting though. How you've been? 

      DrEggman had a conflict with JPatchZ? What happened? Judging from past experiences, I think we both know who was the most vocal during the conflict.

      By the way, out of curiosity, when did the wikia's sidebar wallpaper thing change? It's just my opinion but I feel like the current sidebars looks amateur, especially since it doesn't fit the full browser. What do you think?

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    • I have been quite bored at home ever since the pandemic, haven't been able to go out as much as I used to :/

      Basically JPatchZ was editing a lot of pages at a time, and he was getting close to DrEggman in terms of points. So DrEggman sent a lot of messages asking him to stop editing, and even begged me to ban him coz it was affecting his leaderboard score lol.

      Another issue was that JPatchZ made some changes to the wiki's overall design (navigation boxes for editions, characters etc) and DrEggman didn't like the new design, yet he never bothered to explain why and continued to harass him.

      Eventually his posts got even darker to the point where he said he wished JPatchZ was run over by a truck. His ban was already over a long time ago but he never actually came back anyway.

      Did you mean the background wallpaper? Vitor updated it coz the old one was well, old. Plus me and Punji thought it was okay anyway.

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    • A Mysterious Surfer
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  • Hey I found another article that is spam: [[1]] Can you remove it somehow?

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  • Hi Marowak, I'm Bluerock, the new Wiki Manager taking over from Jr Mime. Feel free to drop me a message if you have any questions or need any help editing the wiki!

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    • A Mysterious Surfer
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  • I was wondering if you could close this thread. It just seems like spam to me, so it would be nice if you could do that. [[1]]

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  • Hello! How are you doing? Well, here I am for one more suggestion, this time to make the infoboxes of the update pages more beautiful, but not to make a radical change but instead to put the name of the updates there in "Previous" and "Next" place the logos of the updates themselves to be more stylish, tell me what you think, if you have your approval I can do it myself!

    (And as we already have the logo templates for the Editions template, it would be less work since all of them are already linked)

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  • Hello! First of all, thank you very much for the confidence in giving me such an important position, well, I don't know if you remember but a while ago I gave you the suggestion to update the Wiki look like changing this Sydney background to something more updated with each update or something like that and also put on that homepage some newer images of the characters because they are there with visuals before New York 2015, and you told me you thought the idea was cool and you trusted me on this project but I couldn't change anything on At that time, now that I'm a moderator, I would like to ask for your opinion and authorization to renew the look of the page a little (of course, everything with your supervision and previous opinion of each altered thing) and what do you think? Hugs and thanks again!

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    • Wiki-background Buenos Aires 2020

      Hello! well, I was really looking and finding something strange in this background but then I followed a tip from PunjiChocoBerry to put something from each update and I made this one from Buenos Aires, tell me what you think and if you authorize me in all updates to make a new one in this format (and maybe put some better modifications like the update logo on top or something like that, it's just an idea that I had but that can be discarded or developed)

      Unfortunately I couldn't put this blue shadow in the photos

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    • this one looks better to me, I would support using this.

      If you are able to update the background each update then go ahead! To be fairly honest I don't find that too necessary since otherwise it would be a never-ending process considering the creators' consistent update schedule.

      But of course I wouldn't mind you doing so if you want. :3

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    • A Mysterious Surfer
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  • Hi again, I'm just a new user who really enjoy and would like to explore this game.

    I  would like to know about item drop rate of Mystery Box so, I study it by record opening 400Mystery boxes/a day/7 days in conditioned of finnished all trophies and tokens. (a sample size base on 95% confidence from this website: ; it should be 384 boxes a day if there are unlimited population) The problem is on the 1st and 2nd day I can't reach my goal, I can open just 300 and 399 boxes respectively, and I got a Jackpot prize on 1st day (just finished my 4th today).

    So, I'm thinking about recollect a new data, it might take more 2-3 days to complete task, and if I can't get any Jackpot prize I'll assumed that there is a chance to getting Jackpot less than or equal to 1/2801. What you guys think about it. Should I recollect a new data of 1st and 2nd day or any suggestion?

    Another question : Is there a limit for recieve the Jackpot prizes, can we recieve 2 or 3 Jackpot for a day? It should make me more understand the statistic I have.

    Pl. This is not a research, I just do it for my sake to learning Statistic program and for fun on my quarantine too. :)

    These are websites I was looking for item drop rate infomation, if you guys have more pls post it for me ;)

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    • Couldn't you just set a total number of mystery boxes to be opened without setting time restrictions? For example, you don't need to force yourself to open 400 boxes daily, but instead collect 2800 boxes in total and study from there? (7 days x 400 boxes per day)

      Also, I'm not sure if there even exists a limit for number of jackpots achieved per period, no one has ever brought it up and me myself have never actually got the jackpot before. XD

      But, if you do want to stick to your plan of setting a daily goal, then maybe just pick another day to collect 400 mystery boxes, then use that data instead of those days with less than 400 boxes opened.

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    • Thanks. I just got a flash idea from your suggestion.

      I do have to seperate them 7 days for purpose of comparing a difference item's ranking I recieve between each day. So,instead of re-collecting many boxes (that should be very tired) I will just collect additional 100 boxes on 8th and 1 box on 9th for reduce my workload, and not wrong from my purpose.

      Thx again

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    • A Mysterious Surfer
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  • Do you agree on promoting  Vip8 and VitorValverdeYT to admins? 

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  • Hi! Lots of time I don't show up around here. Seems this wiki got very messy with non-oficial content, like chinese characters and fan-fics. I wish I could be around here more to help maintain the order, but doing so much seems pretty exhausting.

    Since VitorValverde and I both are portuguese speakers, we got each other phone number, and we talk about the wiki sometimes. He is still around here this whole time, trying to update and keep things going.

    Recently, he started to delete non-official content and was blocked by fandom amds, as you can see in the post below. His intention was to start a clean-up.

    I came here to speak in behalf of him. I think he was doing a serious and consistant work here for more than a year now.

    Also, I want to know if you wish to re-establish this wiki as clean and "non-oficial content free", and I'm offering help if you think we should make a plan to maintain this wiki info as precise as possible.

    Hope you're doing well, and I'm glad you still drops by here time to time.

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    • 1. I didn't set myself to be either Kanto or Alolan form as I liked both of them equally anyway. So I do use different forms for different websites that I have accounts on.

      2. Sorry that I only just saw this, I have unblocked him and he may proceed with clean-up.

      3. I did notice the mass of Chinese content but I thought the community was fine with that content being the wiki so I didn't do anything about it. I'm glad that you told me about this, but I think an official announcement about this may be necessary to prevent future confusion.

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    • I'll stick around more often for a couple days while we clean the wiki, to assure we can make this organized and quick.

      There is a note warning not to post chinese or fan-fic pages right in the wiki home page. But I do agree we should reinforce this rule due to recent behavior.

      Hope we can have a pokémon battle someday.

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    • A Mysterious Surfer
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  • Hi, just letting you know of this user, who is mass-blanking pages, seems like possible vandalism.

    They have now been temp-blocked by Fandom Staff, for y'all to review further.

    Cheers! TortoiseCat5 (Contact me here) Sign my guestbook

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