Lucy wearing the original outfit.


Lucy wearing the Goth Outfit.


Lucy wearing the Steam Outfit.

Cost Coin 7,000
Edition Standard
Limited? No
Release Date 24 October 2012
Lucy watch2

Lucy watch3
Goth Outfit
Key 15

Steam Outfit
Key 30
Lucy is a girl whose looks are styled like some kind of alternative subcultures, most likely punk. She can be unlocked by purchasing her with Coin 7,000 being also the cheapest character to buy with Coins.


Lucy is a girl with green eyes and shoulder-length hair dyed in a gradient of blue and pink. She wears a black nose ring, a spiky bracelet, high black boots, blue striped stocking/leggings/tights, a white dress with a dark red corset and a large red bow on its back. Lucy looks like a rebellious teenage girl, judging by her sense of style, and the fact that she chooses to wear a nose piercing. Her head is shaved from the other side which gives it a fun, edgy and punk-style look. During the Moscow update,  She received two new outfits, which are the Goth Outfit and the Steam Outfit. Both outfits costs Key 15 and Key 30 respectively. They change her image to two other alternative subcultures - Goth and Steampunk.

In her Goth outfit, her dress became black and red. She wears more makeup than in her casual version. Her makeup includes a black lipstick, pink-red eye shadows and a black eyeliner. It also includes gradually thinning stripes that go down from the center of each of her eyes. She also changes from blue to black and red stockings.  

In her Steam outfit, her dress is white and green instead of plain black and white. She also has green-and-brown goggles and a brown steampunk hat adorned with a clock and a green ribbon. Her striped leggings become green, and her black boots have a yellow and orange front. 


  • Lucy is the cheapest buyable character in the game, as she can be unlocked by purchasing her with Coin 7,000.
  • Her hairstyle, corset, back dress bow and spiked bracelet remain unchanged throughout her outfits, unlike most, if not all of her other features.
  • Lucy's natural hair color appears to be black because the color of her eyebrows and the shaved part of her hair.
  • Her makeup is somewhat similar to Eric Draven's from The Crow.
  • Lucy's running animation is similar to Jake's.


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