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A key.

Type Resource
Function Unlocking stuff and reviving players
Obtainable by Collecting or prize
Price Variable

Keys (which look Key.png in the game) are a utility that was introduced in Sydney Logo.png. They are the secondary currency in the game. Most importantly, keys are used to revive your character 1 key, and the cost doubles over time. Keys are also used to unlock special outfits for many characters. There are lots of ways to obtain Keys. For example, they can be found while running, opening a Mystery Box, or from the Weekly Hunt or Season Hunt. You can also buy different amounts of keys from the Shop, though it costs real money. As for the appearance of the key, it is light blue with a white outline, and has a star in the middle of the handle. It is the same star that is on the Coins

Where to Find Keys?

  • Watch the daily video for the first time (3 keys).
  • Watch the daily video for the second time or more or obtain from the Mini Mystery Box (up to 2 keys, rare).
  • Collect keys during a run (1+ keys, rare).
  • Obtain from the Super Mystery Box or Mystery Box (up to 3 keys, rare).
  • Obtain from tiers in the Season Hunt (from 5 to 15 keys).
  • Connect to Facebook (10 keys along with other gifts).
  • Buy in the shop with real money (up to 650 keys for REAL MONEY.png100).
  • Introduction alert (5 keys, only available when using the Sydney Logo.png update).

How to Spend Keys?

  • Buy characters and boards.
  • Buy certain outfits for characters.
  • Buy special powers and styles for hoverboards.
  • To revive after a run (1st revive consumes 1 key; consecutive revives double in cost over time).

List of Key Packs*

N Image Amount Price (USD)
1 25 REAL MONEY.png4,99
2 55 REAL MONEY.png9,99
3 125 REAL MONEY.png19,99
4 350 REAL MONEY.png49,99
5 800 REAL MONEY.png99,99


  • You are given a limited amount of time to decide if you want to revive after a crash.
    • You can skip this by tapping outside the box when the timer has reached approximately 5/8.
  • The key, the Headstart, the Jetpack and the hoverboard are the only things in the game that can prevent you from losing, with the exception of the Super Sneakers and Power Jumper, which might both save you and kill you.
  • In the London Logo.png edition, the Holiday Video was added, allowing the player to receive 2 keys once he/she watches the whole video. But after that edition, it was replaced with the Daily Video, but with the same function.
  • They are quite a rare item to be found during a run, even rarer than a Weekly Hunt token.
    • This fact makes the mission "Collect 2 (or 3) keys in one run" extremely hard.
    • In ZurichLogo.png and the next updates, the video to earn keys it´s to earn 3 keys, not 2.


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