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Jetpack watch.png
The Jetpack item.

Type Power-Up
Function Immunity flight
Obtainable by Collecting
Price None

Jetpack is a power-up in Subway Surfers. When collected, the character goes flying high into the air, and is invincible to everything. The player can also stack up on coins that are up in the sky called bonus coins. Like other power-ups, they can upgrade the Jetpack in the shop for a longer duration time, which means they can collect more coins if they time it correctly.


  • The player cannot duck or jump while using a Jetpack, or even lose the game, nor can they activate any hoverboards.
    • However, they can still pause and exit the game as usual.
  • The Jetpack used to be blue, but it was eventually changed to green on later updates.
  • If you use a Coin Magnet while the Jetpack is active, the coin magnet will do its job, which is to collect coins, but the process will take place in the sky.
    • It will still collect the first few coins on the ground before reaching the sky.
    • You can complete the mission which requires you to stay on the same lane for a few seconds with this strategy.
    • Using a 2X Multiplier or a 10+Multiplier when a Jetpack is active is also a good strategy as a Jetpack can let you collect lots of points without any disturbances.
  • If you use the super sneakers or a hoverboard while the Jetpack is active, their time limits will be paused or not until you land.
  • There is a possibility that the jetpack can be made out of flames.
    • They are similar to the 'flames' that appear when you crash while on a Hoverboard.
  • A few glitches can be achieved with the Jetpack, check the Glitches for more info.
  • The Jetpack is focused on collecting coins, like the Coin Magnet, with the exception that you do not have to worry about any obstacles - but the bad thing is that you'll miss any 'valuable' stuff that might appear while you're in the air, such as a key or a mystery box.
  • The Jetpack also has a purpose for achieving high scores, as the score multiplier is increased temporarily while one is in use.
    • However, the value of the increased score multiplier is not shown, so it appears as if the player's score is increasing faster even though the score multiplier is the same.
  • The coin rows are very much longer and closer to each other than on land. 
  • Using a Mega Headstart or a Headstart is similar to using the Jetpack, but with no coins in the air.
  • When the Jetpack is about to wear out, its time limit will flash until you collect the last coin.
    • The hoverboard's time limit also flashes, but only after the board wears out as cooldown time.
    • The cooldown time was removed in the Transylvania Update, making the Jetpack end almost instantly as you collect the last coin.
  • There is a similar reference to the Jetpack in the Subway Surfers TV series.
  • In a later update, the pitch for coin collecting while in a Jetpack was slightly lowered.


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