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Jenny wearing the original outfit.

Jenny wearing the Party Outfit.

Jenny wearing the Pixel Outfit.

Cost Coin.png 95,000
Edition San Francisco Logo.png
Limited? Yes
Release Date 21 January 2016
Jenny watch2.png

Jenny watch3.png
Party Outfit
Key.png 30

Pixel Outfit
Key.png 30

Jenny can be unlocked by purchasing with Coin.png 95,000, and is an exclusive & limited character to San Francisco Logo.png. She is the thirtieth limited character in the World Tour series, and the thirty-second in total.

Her first outfit, the Party Outfit, costs Key.png 30. Her second outfit, the Pixel Outfit, costs Key.png 30.


Default Outfit

Jenny is a Chinese-American girl living in San Francisco. Given San Francisco's association with both hipsters and hippies, Jenny may be either or both, though the overall theme of the San Francisco update implies she is a hippie. In all her outfits, Jenny wears large round white glasses and has black hair with pink gradient.

Her default outfit consists of a black croptop, dark purple yoga pants with some kind of paisley pattern, and white flip flops. Her hair is done in a mess bob, held by a multicolored woven headband. She also wears a turquoise necklace with a feather and turquoise bangles.

Party Outfit

Her Party Outfit has Jenny don an ornate yellow and red quipao over matching sneakers and blue jeans. Her hair is instead done in two thick pigtails with two pink rose hairpins. This outfit it´s for celebrate the Chinese New Year 2016 of People´s republic of China

Pixel Outfit

In her Pixel Outfit, she wears a white shirt shirt with pink sleeves and a blue collar with a pink pixel pattern. She wears a indigo and purple bracelet. She wears indigo shorts with pink embroidering and knee high indigo and pink gradients along with blue, pink and white shoes. Her glasses change to a cyan and indigo pixel patterned frame and she also gains a white cap with cyan and pink accents. She carries a video game console on her waist attached to a cyan belt. Her hair returns to the original style from her original outfit.


  • Jenny is the seventh limited character to be from the USA, following Tony, Nick, Eddy, Wayne, Rex and Izzy, and followed by Lauren.
  • She is the first newcomer and the first female newcomer of 2016.
  • She returns for Wild Wednesdays such as Arabia Logo.png, Tokyo 2018 Logo.png, Berlin Logo.png, Chicago2020Logo.png and SeattleLogo.png
  • In Barcelona 2022 Logo.png, she can be bought with REAL MONEY.png4.48



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