Jacob "Jake" Bressler


Jake dressing the original outfit.


Jake dressing the Dark Outfit.


Jake dressing the Star Outfit.

Cost Unlocked
Edition Standart
Limited? No
Release Date 24 May 2012
Jake watch2

Jake watch3
Dark Outfit

Star Outfit
Key 001 30
"Leader and spirit of the Subway Surfers. Confident and charming, restless and reckless. Jake's mind is always wandering, dreaming of the next cool thing to do… except when he's immersed in his love for street art, or inventing a risky new skate trick."

Source: Subway Surfers Official Website  

Jake is the default character in Subway Surfers. He is the first character seen in the game and is also the first playable character used when playing Subway Surfers for the first time. His first outfit, the Dark Outfit, is free. His second outfit, the Star Outfit, costs Key 001 30. 


Jake is a light-skinned boy with a light-blue denim vest, a white hoodie sweatshirt with a red shirt underneath. He also wears a red cap with "Sub Surf" written, with green and red shoes and light-blue jeans. He is also always seen holding a yellow graffiti spray can.

During the Miami update, two outfits, the Dark Outfit and the Star Outfit were given for him to buy and wear.

Dark Outfit

Jake's Dark outfit is an in-game freebie (costs Key 001 0) that is mostly like his default outfit, as it is only a dark-themed recolouring. His jacket is dark blue, the hoodie is dark-grey with white stripes on the arms, and the white portion of his hat is black. His shoes get black and red and he wears dark blue trousers and sunglasses, along with dark fingerless gloves.

Star Outfit

It was introduced in the Miami update and costs Key 001 30. Most of his clothing (hoodie, trousers and shoes) are red and light brown. Notable changes are his golden headphones, star chain necklace and wristwatch.


  • Jake was added with Subway Surfers' softlaunch on 25 May 2012.
  • On 30 May 2013, two new outfits were added for him. They are called Dark Outfit and Star Outfit.


  • Jake and Tricky are the only characters to appear on the loading screen, and along with Fresh are the main characters of the game. He and Tricky were the first characters in which outfits were implemented.
  • His Dark Outfit is currently the only outfit in the game to be given out for free.
  • Jake and Tricky are the only characters in the game who have limited edition counterparts, Zombie Jake and Elf Tricky respectively.


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