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Headstart watch.png
The Headstart item.

Type Power-Up
Function Advantage on start
Obtainable by Buying or prize
Price Coin.png 2,000

Headstart (previously known as Mega Headstart) is the upgraded version of the old Headstart power-up. The power-up will let the player zoom through the sky a tad longer than the normal headstart available on early editions of the game. They can buy it at the shop for Coin.png 2,000.


  • It can be used to perform a glitch known as "backward running". 
  • The Headstart is a prize from the Mystery Box and the Super Mystery Box.
  • This, the Score Booster, and the old Headstart are the only power-ups in the game that can be used at the start of the game just by tapping them once.
    • The hoverboard is also usable at the start of the game, but requires the player to tap on the screen twice.
  • Unlike the Jetpack, using it to zoom through the sky won't let the players collect any coins.
    • Their character's running speed will also be maintained after landing.
  • The Headstart icon has 3 arrows while the Headstart icon had 2 arrows.
  • Cairo Logo.png changed the appearance of the Mega Headstart. It also allowed players to use it 3 times.
  • Using it along with the Score Booster can complete missions such as Coin Counter, etc.
  • Its the only way to get power ups without completing the Word Hunt


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