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The Guard
The Guard (aka. Ted Lutz)
Title The Guard
Cost N/A (not for sale/Unplayable)
Tokens N/A (not for sale/Unplayable)

Guard (Ted Lutz) is the main antagonist of Subway Surfers. In the beginning of every game, he and his dog will look for trespassers around the subway.

Whenever he would catch a character spraying graffiti on one of the trains (vandalizing), he would chase him/her down the tracks until that character has ran into a train, barrier, pole, etc.

If the character has only bumped into an obstacle, the inspector will appear on the screen, gaining on them and will yell "Halt!"; if the character crashes into an obstacle, they will be caught by the inspector, ending their run.


The Guard appears to be a middle aged overweight train inspector. He wears an olive green patrol jacket and a hat the same color. He also wears dark brown khakis with a visible black belt black shoes, and also has a brown mustache. His eyes are not seen open at all (due to his big hat). Throughout the holiday and world tour editions, he would receive a different outfit.


Halloween/New Orleans Logo.png/Transylvania Logo.png/IconMexico.png/CambridgeLogo.png: He is dressed in a Frankenstein's monster outfit and his dog is a skeleton. (except in Mexico 2021 Logo.png)

Holiday/London Logo.png/North Pole Logo.png/Winter Holiday Logo.png/IconSaintPetersburg.png: He is dressed as Santa Claus and his dog as Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Rome Logo.png/Paris Logo.png/Monaco Logo.png/Iceland Logo.png/ZurichLogo.png/Iceland2020Logo.png/OxfordLogo.png/OxfordLogo.png: He is dressed in an Easter Bunny suit.

Vancouver Logo.png: He is dressed as a Mountie while his dog is brown.

Bali2020Logo.png:He dressed as a Indonesian Police and his dog is same as in New York Logo.png

New York Logo.png: He is dressed as a NYPD Police Officer and his dog is a German Shepherd.

Prague Logo.png: He is dressed as a knight.

Sydney Logo.png: He is dressed as a cowboy.

SpaceStationLogo.png: He becomes a robot.

Other names:

  • The Inspector.
  • The Security Guard.


  • It is possible for the Guard to be hit by a train. After bumping into an obstacle, run into a speeding train and he will be too ran over, along with his dog.
    • Sometimes, his dog will survive the train.
  • Strangely, when getting caught, the Guard will land at the character from the air. Something similar happens when the character "bumps" on the side after they either finished the Jetpack or the Pogo Stick.
  • No matter how long players run, the Guard will always chase them until the end.
  • The Inspector is the only character in the game that is unplayable (excluding his dog).
  • He's is one of the oldest characters in the game.
  • He's has the most outfits in the game.
    • His outfits also change automatically, the player cannot change them by will.
  • His dog is never seen leaving his side (ever) in the game.
  • His real name is Ted Lutz, as revealed in a Subway Surfers dossier video.
  • The guard is the only non playable character to have some of his animations removed.
  • When the character jumps, the Guard also jumps.
  • When the character rolls, the Guard also rolls since Rio2013Logo.png.
    • Since Marrakesh2020Logo.png the Guard no longer drives.
    • Since Tokyo Logo.png the Guard makes shorter rolls.



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