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These are glitches that can be encountered in Subway Surfers.

Please keep in mind that some of the glitches listed here may not work due to game updates.


The Subway Surfers Wiki cannot be held responsible for a corruption or change to one's copy of Subway Surfers in which results in the change or corruption of one's game/save files for the game. Please attempt these glitches at your own risk.

Any forms of exploits that can provide an apparent advantage over other players (e.g. getting characters which should not be obtainable, tampering currency values, etc) will not be documented here.


Jetpack-Jump is a glitch using a jetpack where you can jump really high if you jump at the right moment.


  1. Pick up a Jetpack.
  2. Right after the jetpack runs out of fuel, swipe up quickly.
  3. See if your character jumps in mid air.
  • Note: Swipe up quickly after you get the last coin.
  • Another Note: This glitch may also land you on top of a train.

Back Forward Run

Back Forward Run is a rather funny glitch that allow your character to run backwards.


  1. Buy or get in the Mystery Box a Mega Headstart.

    Back Forward Run (PC)

  2. Start playing and die in a few seconds you begin.
  3. Just as you die, click on your headstart to activate it. You will fly back forward.
  • Note: This may be hard, so keep in mind that it may take more then one try.
  • Another Note: When you try to trigger this event, it may end up occurring the "Moving Smoke" glitch.
  • Another Note: If you have a version of the game from before the Rio update, you should use a regular Headstart instead.


  1. Get Super Sneakers power-up (It can be easier to find if the Super Sneakers is upgraded).
  2. Find a jetpack, with the Super Sneaker power still in effect.
  3. As you collect coins, you should receive two coins per single coin.


Hover-Mixture is a glitch which the jetpack will act like a hoverboard. This is a crazy glitch that doesn't affect anything, also to active this glitch the hoverboard is supposed to end perfectly while picking up a jetpack at the same time, which is almost impossible to occur.


  1. Activate a hoverboard.
  2. Wait until the hoverboard ends.
  3. This is the hard part: When the hoverboard perfectly ends, pick up a jetpack at the same time.

Moving Smoke

Mid-Air Smoke is a glitch when the Jetpack's "colored" smoke will go to other directions, other than the jetpack itself. You need the Bouncer hoverboard for this glitch.


  1. Activate Bouncer.
  2. This is the slightly hard part: Pick up a jetpack, at the same time the Bouncer still activated.
  • Note: The cheat might not work.
  • Another Note: Upgrade your jetpack for longer durability.
  • Third Note: Sometimes you don't need the Bouncer, and this occurs when you do the "Back Forward Run" glitch.


Invisi-Board is a glitch that will make the hoverboard invisible, while surfing. This glitch occurs when you try to do the "Back Forward Run." glitch, but ended up occurring this glitch.


  1. Start playing and lose in a few seconds you begin.
  2. Just as you lose, click on your mega headstart to activate it. You will fly back forward.
  3. When you land, activate your hoverboard, and look if it's invisible.
  • Note: Sometimes it's doesn't work, so try again, but save some hoverboards and mega headstarts.

Frozen Flyer

1. Start your run and die right away.

2. Use a Mega Headstart right after you die.

3. This may cause you to get a jet pack and fly in the same position as when you died. But if you move you will regain the ability to move.

Infinite Jetpack

This glitch allows you to have an infinite jetpack.


1. Start a run.

2. Collide with a train and put a Headstart at the same time.

3. Relive the game using a Key.


This glitch allows you to go through obstacles.


1. Get a board with Smooth Drift.

2. Get a Pogostick at the start of the map and start your board and activate Headstart at the same time.

3. When you land, You will now NoClip.

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