Frizzy (Ella)


Frizzy wearing the original outfit.


Frizzy wearing the Rasta Outfit.


Frizzy wearing the Gold Outfit.

Cost Coin 150,000
Edition Standard
Limited? No
Release Date 24 October 2012
Frizzy watch2

Frizzy watch3
Rasta Outfit
Key 15

Gold Outfit
Key 30
Frizzy (but her name is Ella) is a character that can be unlocked by purchasing with Coin 150,000. Ella is the most expensive female character in the game. She is also the third most expensive character in Subway Surfers. Her first outfit, the Rasta Outfit, costs Key 15. Her second outfit, the Gold Outfit, costs Key 30.


Ella is a young female adult with brown afro-styled hair, big hoop earrings, a red and white striped jacket, red shoes, dark red pants, and white socks with red stripes and is dark-skinned.

In the London update, she received 2 new outfits, which are the Rasta Outfit and the Gold Outfit, they cost Key 15 and Key 30 respectively.

In her Rasta Outfit, she wears a colorful hat over her afro and wears glasses with golden outlining. The line on her shirts' sleeve are now yellow. Her socks are also changed to green.

In her Gold Outfit, her hair changes. One roll of her hair is sticking upwards while the other sticks behind it, facing left and right. Her outfit turns from red to black/brown and the line on her sleeve is now gold, as well as the lines in the bottom of her shirt. The lines on her socks are now brown, though her shoes still remain unchanged.


  • Her name used to Frizzy but it was changed during the Marrakesh 2020 update
  • Her hairstyle changes according to her outfit, just like Spike and Tasha.
  • She used to do the Update the App! promotions, then now it goes to Jake. It was did before the Los Angeles update.
  • Fresh is her younger brother, according to her cameo in Subway Surfers: The Animated Series.


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