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These are the special events that occur in Subway Surfers.

Wordy Weekend

Main Article: Wordy Weekend

Weekend Fun

The Weekend Fun Spraycan Award was introduced in the Venice Logo.png edition.

Weekend Champion

The Weekend Champion Spraycan Award was introduced in the Greece Logo.png edition.


Main Article: Coin and Key Sales

Sales are one of the most common events in Subway Surfers. When there is a sale, a certain in-app purchase's value will be increased. It happens in both Coin and Key in-app purchases.

Weekly Hunts

Main Article: Weekly Hunt

Weekly Hunts were perhaps the most popular event in Subway Surfers before being removed and replaced with Season Hunts during Marrakesh2020Logo.png. Similar to the Word Hunt, the Weekly Hunt required the player to collect tokens (corresponding to the World Tour edition) to earn specific prizes (such as Score Boosters, Hoverboards, Keys, etc.).

Season Hunts

Main Article: Season Hunt

Season Hunts is an expanded version of weekly hunts. Instead of collecting tokens for each week, players have to collect tokens for the whole tour. Each season hunt contains one limited character with at least one of their outfits and at least one limited hoverboard. There are other prizes such as coins, keys, and mystery boxes.

Birthday Comeback

Main Article: Birthday Comeback

Birthday Comeback was an event that occured during Copenhagen Logo.png. It lasted for 21 days/3 weeks. Every day 3 returning characters will be offered a multiplier bonus. In Marrakesh2020Logo.png, this event came back, and there was a return of 3 characters per each year.


Main Article: Reappearances

Sometimes, old expired characters reappear in the game, like Zombie Jake, Elf Tricky etc. They can be bought in 24 hours for real money. The current reappearances are: Zombie Jake, Elf Tricky, Jamie, Jay, Nick, Mina, Tony, Rosa, Roberto, Olivia, Harumi, Carmen, Edison, Coco, Wayne and Sun. The latest character reappearance was on 19th November 2014.


Main Article: Hoverboard Tryouts

Some hoverboard have been able to be tried out for 24 hours. They include Hot Rod, Lowrider and Bouncer, and many more. For copyright and many other unknown reasons, the creators of the game removed the option of tryouts.

Mega Jackpot Event

Main Article: Jackpot

Occasionally, a Mega Jackpot event will be held in the game where the jackpots in Mystery Boxes and Super Mystery Boxes will be increased to a higher amount. The regular jackpots will have 900,000 coins, and the super jackpots will have 1,500,000 coins. You can try to earn a jackpot by buying as many Mystery Boxes as you can. This event is held on every Tuesday.

Starting in Los Angeles Logo.png Edition, Mega Jackpots are held every Tuesdays.

Super Mystery Box Mania

Main Article: Super Mystery Box Mania.

Rather than completing missions or Daily Challenges, the player could collect Super Mystery Boxes in the game for free. Starting in Los Angeles Logo.png Edition, the Super Mystery Box Mania event was only every Friday. However, for unknown reasons, the event did not show up on Copenhagen2022Logo.png, but the mystery boxes still showed up.

Mystery Mondays

Main Article: Super Mysterizer.

Mystery Mondays were introduced in the New York Logo.png edition. This event occurs every Monday and introduces the Super Sterilizer, which transforms into a random item when collected.

Wild Wednesdays

Main Article: Wild Wednesdays

Wild Wednesdays was introduced in the New York Logo.png edition. This event occurs every Wednesday (hence it's name), and have currently re-introduced Mega Jackpots. During the Houston 2021 update, SYBO had removed the event for unknown reasons.

Special Thursdays

Main Article: Special Thursdays

These Special Thursdays was introduced in the Los Angeles edition. During this event, if you are using a certain character, you automatically activate a Score Booster on your run. Also, this event will be helpful to get Top Run high scores and Gold medals. During the Houston 2021 edition, the event was removed.

Multiplier Bonus

Main Article: Multiplier Bonus

Multiplier Bonus is an event that was introduced during the Houston 2021 edition, and it replaces the Wild Wednesdays and Special Thursdays events. This events is on wednesdays and thursdays.

Fabulous Friday

Fabulous Friday was introduced in the Los Angeles Logo.png edition. It was similar to Wild Wednesdays, but with the event held on Friday instead. For unknown reasons, the event did not show on Copenhagen2022Logo.png.

Terrific Tuesdays

Terrific Tuesday was introduced in the Los Angeles Logo.png edition. It is similar to Wild Wednesdays, but with the event held on Tuesday instead.


  • Since New York Logo.png edition, events have been occured on every Wednesday.
  • Every time an event is held (excluding Weekly Hunts and Sales), there will be a tiny yellow box with a stopwatch on the top right side of the menu, tapping on it will show you the event held and the remaining time.
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