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Event Coin

An Event Coin.

Type Resource
Function Unlocking season special stuff
Obtainable by Collecting or prize
Price Collectible in the Season Hunt, Mini Mystery Box and Coin Meter

Event Coins (which look like EventCoin1.pngGrayEventCoin.pngBlueEventCoin.png in the game) are the main currency in Subway Surfers. It was released on June 18, 2021 in ChangAnLogo.png on every device.

How to get Event Coins?


  • Event Coins are the 4th payment method on Subway Surfers game after Coin, Key and Real Money.
  • The colors of Event Coins can be changed for any update, Purple Event Coins (EventCoin1.png) released in ChangAnLogo.png, the Silver Event Coins (GrayEventCoin.png) released in Paris 2021 Logo.png and the Blue Event Coins (BlueEventCoin.png) released in Tokyo2021Logo.png and the future Gold Event Coins (TBA), Red Event Coins (TBA) and Violet Event Coins (TBA) released in TBA update.
  • In Paris 2021 Logo.png update its possible buy the Token Boost for 1,000 event coins for the season, the Token Boost get the ×2 multiplier for season hunt token during the 24 hours. If you put your date on the last day of the update and buy the Token Multiplier for 2,500 Event Coins and set your date back to the normal date, you'll have a infinite token multiplier.
  • In Marrakesh2020Logo.pngthe event coins are released on Mini Mystery Box of prizes, 1% chance for get 1000BlueEventCoin.png and 25% chance for get 100 to 500 BlueEventCoin.png.
  • On Venice Beach 2021 update the price of Token Boost is changed 1,000 event coins to 2,500 event coins.

Event Coins items


Paris 2021

Tokyo 2021

Mumbai 2021

Las Vegas 2021

Marrakesh 2021

Mexico 2021

Vancouver 2021

Venice Beach 2021

North Pole 2021

Cairo 2022

Lunar New Year

Barcelona 2022

  • Roberto - GrayEventCoin.png23,000
  • Roberto Fan Outfit - GrayEventCoin.png29,000
  • Roberto Cules Outfit - GrayEventCoin.png35,000
  • Spraycan Token Boost - GrayEventCoin.png2,500

Vancouver 2022

  • Zayn Stealth Oufit - GrayEventCoin.png 30,000
  • Maple Leaf Token Boost - GrayEventCoin.png 2,500

Oxford 2022

  • Chocolate Bunny Token Boost - EventCoin1.png 2,500
  • Chicky - EventCoin1.png 32,000
  • Chicky's Feather Trail Upgrade - EventCoin1.png 21,000
  • Chicky's Super Speed Upgrade -. EventCoin1.png 21,000
  • Bunny - EventCoin1.png 27,000

Monaco 2022

  • TBA


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