Eddy dressing the original outfit.


Eddy dressing the Trick Outfit.


Eddy dressing the Vampire Outfit.

Cost Coin 95,000
Edition New Orleans
Limited? Yes
Release Date 10 October 2013
Eddy watch2

Eddy watch3
Trick Outfit
Key 001 15

Vampire Outfit
Key 001 30

Eddy is a limited character who was released exclusively in Subway Surfers World Tour: New Orleans. He is also the twelfth limited character in Subway Surfers, and the tenth limited character in the World Tour series. He appears to be a magician. He can be purchased with Coin 95,000, just like all other limited characters. His first outfit, the Trick Outfit, costs Key 001 15. His second outfit, the Vampire Outfit, costs Key 001 30.


He wears a magician-like hat with a line across the bottom, and a skull and a red feather on top on the left side. He has brown skin with light brown around his nose, on the bottom of both of his eyes, on the nose to eyebrows and his forehead, probably from white makeup. He wears a red, yellow and purple 'jacket' and a skeleton-shirt in the inside. He has black pants and white and brown shoes

During the second release of the New Orleans edition, he recieved the Trick Outfit, which costs Key 001 15. With this outfit, his skull makeup is removed, the line on his hat turns red while the feather and skull on it are replaced with cards. His jacket also changed to black with an addition of a rose on it, his shirt changed to white with a red bow tie, and his gloves change to white.

During the third release, he received the Vampire Outfit. He now has fangs, a turquoise undercoat and a purple coat. He has pink pants and black shoes. His hat is removed and his hair is longer.


  • He seems to be a reference to Dr. Facilier from the Princess and the Frog.
    • Not only that, the movie also takes place in New Orleans.
    • Dr. Facilier (and most likely Eddy) resemble Baron Samedi, the most famous Loa (Haitian voodoo spirit) of the Dead. Samedi is commonly portrayed as a skeleton or skull-faced man with a tailcoat and top hat, much like Eddy. Eddy may be a shortening of Samedi.
  • In the Mexico City edition, there is a bug where his textures were mixed with Fresh's, making his outfit look like Fresh's. This was soon fixed in the next update.


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