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E.Z. wearing the original outfit.

E.Z. wearing the Touchdown Outfit.

E.Z. wearing the Jive Outfit.

Cost Coin.png 95,000
Edition Chicago Logo.png
Limited? Yes
Release Date January 18th, 2018
EZ watch2.png

EZ watch3.png
Touchdown Outfit
Key.png 30

Jive Outfit
Key.png 30

E.Z. is a limited character who is exclusive to Chicago Logo.png. He is the forty-seventh limited edition character from Subway Surfers and the forty-fifth in the World Tour series. He can be unlocked with Coin.png 95,000. Both his first outfit, the Touchdown Outfit and second outfit, the Jive Outfit can be purchased for Key.png30, respectively.


Default Outfit

E.Z. is a teen from Chicago who wears a red hoodie with the initials E.Z. on it. He wears black shorts and white sneakers. He also has a blue cap with the letter C on it, probably for Chicago, where he comes from.

On the look E.Z. 15-16 years old.

Touchdown Outfit

In his Touchdown Outfit, he wears a yellow shirt with the number 7 on it. He wears white trousers and trainers and has a baby blue helmet with a rack to protect his face. This outfit is a reference to Chicago Bears.

Jive Outfit

In his Jive Outfit, that is release on Chicago2020Logo.png, he wears gold glasses, an orange cap, a turquoise t-shirt, gray pants with maroon and white suspenders and white tap shoes with brown ends at the soles. He also holds a trombone.


  • He is the 1st newcomer in 2018.
  • In his Jive Outfit, he changed from a trendy teenager to a classic teenager.
  • He returns for Wild Wednesdays such as New York 2021 Logo.png.
  • He gets +5 Multiplier Bonus for Special Thursdays such as Monaco Logo.png, Atlanta Logo.png and Chicago2020Logo.png
  • In Atlanta Logo.png, his Touchdown Outfit was for free.
  • Him, and Ox have the shortest name out of all the characters, being two letters long. However, it could just be a nickname.
  • In Lunar New Year Logo.png, he can be bought for Key.png75.
  • He came back during Copenhagen2022Logo.png in the Birthday Bonanza for Coin.png 99,000.



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