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Currencies are the resources used to buy items in Subway Surfers.


Main Article: Coin

Coins (which look like Coin.png) are the main form of currency. They can be used for buying items such as characters, hoverboards, etc...

How to Obtain

  • Days 3 - 4 of the Word Hunt (previously Daily Challenge)
  • Opening Mystery Boxes (up to 100,000 coins)
  • Collecting coins in a run
  • Collecting coins from friends (up to 350 coins)
  • More...


Main Article: Key

Keys (which look like Key.png) are the secondary form of currency. They can be used for buying items such as character outfits, board upgrades, etc...

How to Obtain

  • Watching the Daily Video (3 keys)
  • Completing Spraycan Awards (up to 10 keys)
  • Opening Mystery Boxes (up to 3 keys)
  • Collecting keys in a run
  • More...

Event Coin

Main Article: Event Coin

The Event Coins (which look like EventCoin1.pngGrayEventCoin.pngBlueEventCoin.png) are, along with the Coins, the main currency. It only lasts for each update. In each new one, it is reset. The event coin can be used to unlock characters, characters outfits, items and for Season Hunt tokens to multiply.

How to Obtain

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