Color Cloud


Color Cloud in its original form.

Screenshot 2018-06-21-12-26-18-1

Color Cloud equipped with Speed Up.

Screenshot 2018-06-21-12-26-43-1

Color Cloud equipped with Color Splash.

Cost Coin 50,000
Ability None
Edition Mumbai 2018
Limited? Yes
Release Date 21 June 2018
SpeedUp watch

ColorSplash watch
Speed Up
Key 001 100

Color Splash
Key 001 80

Color Cloud is a limited hoverboard in Subway Surfers. Like any other hoverboard, it protects players from crashing for 30 seconds. When crashed, the hoverboard will need a few seconds to recharge before it can be used again. It has the appearance of a colorful cloud. When you swipe, the hoverboard changes colors, once you activate the color splash power-up.


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