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A coin.

Type Resource
Function Unlocking stuff
Obtainable by Collecting or prize
Price Found in the subway

Coins (which appear as Coin.png in the game) are the main currency in Subway Surfers. Coins can be obtained in many ways, for example, collecting them while in the subway or receiving them from mystery boxes. With enough coins, players can buy characters like King, Zoe and Prince K, or hoverboards like Panda, Hot Rod and Lowrider. However, some characters or hoverboards like Tricky, Yutani and Fresh use tokens instead of coins to be obtained. Coins are also used to upgrade and buy power-ups and skip missions.

Where to Find Coins?

  • Collecting them during a run
  • Opening Mystery Boxes (up to 100,000 coins (900,000 during the Terrific Tuesday event)), Super Mystery Boxes (up to 300,000 coins (1,500,000 during the Terrific Tuesday event)), and opening Mini Mystery Boxes (up to 2,000 coins).
  • Purchasing them in the Shop (up to 1.2M coins for $99,99)
  • Completing the 3rd and 4th days of the Word Hunt (previously Daily Challenge)
  • Obtaining them from friends (up to 25 runs)
  • Obtain from tiers in the Season Hunt
  • Connecting to Facebook (5K coins)
  • Purchasing the Welcome Pack (one-time purchase, up to 45K coins)

How to Spend Coins?

List of Coin Packs

Players can also buy coins with real money. The below table illustrates the prices of each "pack" of coins.

Number Amount Image Price (USD)
1 7,500 $0,99
2 40,000 $4,99
3 90,000 $9,99
4 200,000 $19,99
5 550,000 $49,99
6 1,25,0000 $99,99
7 Doubles player's coins during a run $4,99


  • If players are in need of coins, the Coin Magnet will help collect all the coins in all three lanes (for a limited time), making it a very useful power-up in collecting them.
    • The Jetpack is also good in collecting coins as they will appear in the air when flying, while the Super Sneakers help collect coins under them while jumping. The Power Jumper gives players three lines of coins when jumping high in the sky.
  • Coins appear in 3 different types of trails, a normal straight trail, an arch trail (requires the player to jump) and a diagonal trail (requires the player to switch lanes).
  • Other ways of getting coins are buying them with in-app purchases (using real money) or when the player's Facebook/Game Center friend plays the game and had 25 runs.
    • There are also easier ways to get coins, like watching a sponsored video
    • There is an in-app purchase where they can get double coins for every coin they collect while running for $4.99, making it easier to buy limited characters and hoverboards. Players can also temporarily do this by watching an ad.
    • Sometimes in-app purchases have sales which lets them buy a certain amount of coins in a much cheaper price.
    • A starter pack was also added during the Mumbai Logo.png edition that rewards the player 7,000Coin.png and some keys and hoverboards for $0.99.
  • Coins can also increase players' run score, which makes them essential in getting highscores.
    • The points gained from coins are counted in the following equation:
      • number of coins x score multiplier x 2.
      • A simpler way to look at it: each coin is worth 54 points. If they only grab one coin in a run, then at the end of it they'll get 54 points added to your score. Meanwhile the score multiplier is at work boosting their score while you run.
  • So far, all limited characters that can be unlocked by coins cost 95,000Coin.png and limited hoverboards cost 50,000Coin.png (except Bamboo, costing Coin.png 20,000).
  • Festive Jake is the latest character that cost coins.
    • There are no 2021 characters that cost coins.
  • On April 1, 2022, some coins collected by the player were different when playing as Frank, because of April Fools Day. They had the appearance of Frank and were called Frankcoins.


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